Verragio Rings in Cincinnati

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Make the perfect start to your life together with a timeless & elegant engagement ring!!

With over three decades of experience in the field of jewelry making, Simon G. rings in Cincinnati is a highly renowned jewelry brand. The designs are contemporary, while still paying homage to traditional designs- a combination that has surpassed many other rival jewelry houses. Their client base is spread across the globe with a style that translates throughout every country. Simon G attracts men and women alike who desire luxury jewelry with designs unique enough to represent the subtle differences between peoples styles and characteristics. Superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship are hallmarks of the brand, with designers dedicated to creating exceptional jewelry. Another brand worthy of noting is the amazing selection of Verragio Rings in Cincinnati. Sophisticated and classic, their pieces are heirlooms in the making and maintain the superior quality that you deserve. So, when you find the one, make the moment of your proposal unforgettable with these amazing brands.

The proposal, like the wedding, is a celebration of finding that special someone and announcing that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Unlike the wedding, however, the proposal is usually an occasion shared just by the two of you and is the beginning of your life together. For this reason, the engagement ring is crucial and an essential element in declaring your love. The same is vital with the wedding bands, which you will exchange upon the wedding day. These powerful symbols should capture everything you desire, thus your search begins for renowned and superior quality brands. Verragio is a testament to such high quality and not surprisingly have become a preferred choice amongst many consumers.

These brands are renowned and adored for their bridal collection; every design aiming to honor the vows one takes at the wedding ceremony. Apart from their bridal collections, you’ll find lavish and elegant fashion jewelry as well to enhance an evening out or make a fashion statement in your everyday life. Simon G was founded by the designer Simon Ghanimian, which is now a internationally recognized brand, renowned for their passion and variety.

With “in house” designers that are constantly working on elevating the brand and keeping a pulse on the latest trends in jewelry, they make the most of their talent by exploring the limits of their designs and staying passionate about jewelry. Encouraged to think outside the box and remain a cut above the rest, so they’ll always have unique designs to offer their customers.