A Surprise Party!

For our lovely lady. . .

Hey everyone!

This weekend is our dear friend, Jessica Springer's Birthday, and I would like to throw her a little surprise party! So SHHHHH! She doesn't know. She thinks we're going to a Mexican restaurant, but instead, I would love for you all to be waiting at my place with me to surprise her!

I'm doing a Utah theme to help make her feel at home! That means Funeral Potatoes, Navajo Tacos, Jello cocktails, and lots of Ute red and white! I'll have all the food, but you're welcome to bring drinks to share.

My place is a half mile from both the Columbia Heights and Petworth metro. There is street parking, but none of the spots in the parking lot are available for visitors. Sorry!

Try to arrive before 8pm or after 8:30pm.

Text me if you have any questions! 801-979-0135

At my place. . .

Friday, Sep. 26th, 7:30pm

3900 14th St NW

Washington, DC