Freedom Veterans

By: Cielo Charles

Within Kansas City, like many other states, Veterans are having issues with the treatment being given by the VA. President Abraham's vision of the Veterans Affair to serve and honor the men and women who have fought in battle has not been fulfilled. Making it extremely hard for Veterans to receive any of the benefits that were promised. Instead of a veteran coming home and being honored, bed sores leave stories for veterans to tell. A person who fought for freedom is now fighting for respect. In an article , "The End of An American Dream", it explains the simple fact more veterans are dying on the homeland then in battle. These Veterans often go months without being seen or when seen it takes a full day for the papers to go through. If the papers aren't ran through within that day many Veterans state an appointment takes at least seven months at the least.

An Inside on The Fight

While documenting the photos, the story became one about the Veterans of America who are now demanding the right of respect in return for their handwork they have given for each American.