Keowee's Flash Forward

News from Your Assistant Principal, Rhonda Grant


4th and 5th graders started SCPASS testing this week in the area of science. Our students never cease to amaze me. They have all come in with positive attitudes, remained focused, and worked diligently. I'm tired of administering tests, so I know they must be tired of taking tests, but each day they come in the lab with smiles on their faces and a resolve to do their best. They choose this mindset, and in turn influence me to choose my own positive mindset. #keoweekidsarethebest

We had a great PD session Tuesday afternoon expanding our learning of analyzing running records. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Jill for guiding us through the process. I look forward to next week's follow-up session.

Today is the 2nd grade literacy fair. I love seeing all of the projects each year. I must see judging is VERY difficult, because each child brings their own unique flair to their board.

What I love most is that our students are given this opportunity to creatively showcase their love of reading! Be sure to stop by and/or take your class by today to see the great work of our second graders.

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Lesson Planning vs. Lesson Designing

So what's the difference between planning and designing lessons? I do not think you can effectively separate the two from each other because the "what" (content) and the "how" (lesson activities) go hand in hand. The learning experience (movement, manipulations, visuals, auditory components, collaboration, technologies, etc) are what make the content engaging and relative to students. All of those design experiences (how) must be planned with the content (what) so that it all flows and makes sense for the learners.

The article below really prompts some thinking and consideration into what it means to plan lessons, is a great kick start to that reflection process. I encourage you to read it and contemplate on your planning and designing.

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Core Essentials Trait for May is...

Contentment--deciding to be happy with what you've got

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Word of the Week...

The WOW for May 16-20 is lucrative. On Friday, we will have two students from Miss Alexander's 2nd grade class on the news to share their original sentences using the WOW.

John Collins FCAs for May

K Punctuation/end marks (mechanics)

1 Details with elaboration (content)

2 Write a complete compound sentence (mechanics)

3 Use quotation marks in direct speech (mechanics)

4 Use commas & end punctuation with direct quotations (mechanics)

5 Indefinite pronouns with singular verb (mechanics)

Friday At The Movies

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You will need to overirde Youtube to view this week's video.

The Revised 5 Minute Lesson Plan
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Friday, May 13 2nd Grade Literacy Fair

May 16-19 5th Grade Trip to Washington, DC

May 16-19 SC PASS Science & Soc. Studies Lab A

Friday, May 20 Relay for Life Event

May 23-24 SC PASS Soc. Studies Labs A & B

Thursday, May 26 PBIS Scoops of Fun

Thursday, May 26 Subway Night

Friday, May 27 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Ball

Friday, May 27 Chorus to Carowinds

Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday, May 31 Field Day

Wednesday, June 1 Awards Day

June 1-2 Early Dismissal @ 11:30

Thursday, June 2 KES Chorus Spring Concert @ 9:00