This Week in Room 204

Animals 2 x 2

This week we are taking a break from Readers Workshop and the students are diving into our science kit, Animals 2x2. During this science unit, they will become experts, learning about many different animals. They will compare land snails to water snails, guppies to goldfish, night crawlers to red words, and pill bugs to sow bugs. Students will move from room to room, studying these animals, observing how they move, and recording their observations in their science notebooks. Your scientists LOVE everything about this week. Here are some terms that your child will learn sometime this week depending on when they rotate...

Land Snail - Gastro pod = Belly foot, mucus trail, 2 sets of eye stalks

Water Snails - Gastro pods as well

Pill Bug - Isopod, 14 legs, can roll up if threatened

Sow Bug - Isopod, 14 legs, cannot roll up, really quick

Goldfish - use fins and tail to swim, breathes with gills, has scales

Guppy - less colorful, smaller in size

Night Crawlers - segments, clitellum, 5 hearts, no brain, fat and brown

Red Worms - segments, clitellum, red and skinny,

Hope you learn something from your child this week!

Pics to come...

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President's Day and US Symbols

In Social Studies, students are learning a lot about our country and what symbols represent the USA. Some things we discussed are

George Washington

- born on Feb. 22

- 1st president

- his face is on the dollar and quarter

- loved riding horses

- wore wigs and put powder in them to make them more white

- led the Revolutionary War

Abraham Lincoln

- born in a log cabin on Feb. 12

- 16th president

- his face is on the penny and $5

- nickname "Honest Abe"

- wore a tall black hat and kept his papers in it

- freed the slaves

- led the Civil War

US Symbols

- American Flag

- Bald Eagle

- Liberty Bell

- Statue of LIberty


Valentine's Day

The kids had a blast celebrating friendship and love on the 12th. After sorting their conversation hearts, they counted, graphed, and tallied each color they had. They passed our valentines cards to each friend in class. They enjoyed decorating a cookie and eating them while they watched a fun Valentine's Day movie. Click on the link to see more pictures.

Indian Dance Assembly

Students watched and participated in a wonderful assembly where an Indian dancer danced as a musician played Indian music. She described her dances as story telling. Watch Paige and Diego as they performed.

Read Across America Day

Wednesday, March 2nd, 8:15am

3817 Viewpark Avenue

Irvine, CA

Calling all Dads...if you'd like to volunteer in our classroom to read your favorite children's book, we'd love to have you! Please let me know if you'd like to join us on this special day. Please email me at to coordinate a time on March 2nd.