Power Teaching

Whole Brain Teaching

What is it?

Power Teaching (also called Whole Brain Teaching) is a method of delivering content to students in a way that maximizes student engagement. It combines 3 learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) to deliver content to students in a more engaging way than sitting through a lecture.


  • This method hits several learning styles: auditory, visual, kinesthetic.
  • Increased student engagement
  • From personal experience, I noticed students were able to recall content throughout the whole year, not just for the test.
Whole Brain Teaching: The Basics

Classroom integration

The most important thing that will make Power Teaching successful in the classroom is how committed you are to stepping out of your comfort zone. Power Teaching is a great strategy to deliver lecture-based content in an engaging way where students will be more likely to recall what you are trying to teach them.


  • Think of how you can break down your content into snippets and add hand motions to accompany.
  • Using "Teach-Okay" deliver the snippets to students.
  • Having trouble coming up with hand motions? Have students come up with them. This helps give them ownership of what they are learning.
  • It will feel awkward and silly at first, but when you see students start recalling material at a quicker rate, it will be worth it.
  • Watch the videos on this flyer to see Power Teaching in action.
  • Click the First Steps link below to see the components of Power Teaching.
Whole Brain Teaching, High School - The Basics
Whole Brain Teaching: High School Math

Need a demonstration?

This was one of my go-to strategies when I was in the classroom, especially when teaching vocabulary. If you'd like me to demonstrate this for your students, please email me and we can coordinate a time for me to model this for you and your students.