Benjamin Franklin

Information & Inventions

Benjamins Life Story

Benjamin had been born on January 17, 1706 and he died in the year of 1790. He had been born in Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin had worked when he was ten. He ran away to New York then to Philadelphia when he was sixteen years old looking for work to be a printer. In 1751 he served as an agent in Pennsylvania. He was elected to be in Continental Congress in 1775 he played against Great Britain. He had been the United States first postmaster general. He was the strongest person to believe in no slavery, and to protect all the rights.


He invented Bifocals that are eyeglasses with two lenses to see in different ways, because the top one helps see long distance, and the bottom one helps you see up close. He discovered electricity by tying a key to a kite and when lightning struck the key it created electricity, to power homes and many other things. He also created the lightning rod to understand the behavior of electricity. It helped prevent houses from burning down and from people getting electrocuted. He also created the Franklin Stove to heat homes without a fire.

What Benjamin Franklin Was Most Remembered For

Benjamin is most remembered as a founding Father. He also was known for the first scientist. He was a successful writer and printer, inventor, and scientist. He started a library, hospital, and college. He helped write the Declaration Of Independence, he spent 15 years in Great Britain representing the colonies. He found out about electricity, and invented the franklin stove. He was very important to the world, if he was not here we would not have light or electricity.

The Difference He Made On The World

Benjamin discovered electricity so nobody would have lights, phones or any electronics if he wasn't here. When he invented the Franklin Stove he impacted the creation of heaters and air vents. He invented the double lens eyeglasses, which impacted the world by letting the world be seen more clearly. He created the lightning rod so houses won't burn down their house or get electrocuted.

More Informational Facts

He drafted the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution. He came up with the first lending library, and volunteer fire department. His father was Josiah Franklin, and made candles and soap. His father had seventeen children, seven with his first wife and ten with his second, Ben was the fifteenth child. Ben was removed from school at ten years old to help his father make candles. He organized the union fire company to counter act dangerous fire hazards. He became a solider at the age of forty two. He supported the repel of the stamp act. Franklin had also been one of the men that drafted the Articles Of Confederation.