February Newsletter

MakerSpace, Project Based Learning & Celebrating Diversity!

Black History Month Research Project

We are proud to say that we incorporate multicultural literature into our curriculum on a regular basis! We have been learning all about influential African Americans in January and will continue this month! We have been reading books and researching information. Each student will be able to choose their own person of interest. Feel free to gather more information online, or from other books as resources. We will send home the details of the project and rubric information. Students will be able to present their project using a poster, type a report, dress up as their person, or even create a digital presentation!

HELP WANTED to create a classroom Maker Space!

Parents we need your help to create a MakerSpace for our classroom! We will be combining the next unit in Math (Measurement) with our next unit in Social Studies (Communities). The video below gives a brief overview of what a MakerSpace is. We are requesting that if you have any materials on the list that you would like to donate to our class MakerSpace it would be greatly appreciated! Students will be taking the information they learn in math about measurement to design a real world project based on the information they learn form our social studies community unit. This is called project based learning and the students will be coming up with their own designs and ideas.

* Visit the Waterford Library for a Makerspace day with your family to get inspired! 3/19/16

What is a MakerSpace?

MakerSpace Donation List - most of this is available at the dollar store!

  • cardboard boxes
  • shoe boxes
  • empty paper towel rolls / toilet paper rolls
  • egg cartons
  • poster board
  • cereal boxed
  • tissue boxes
  • fabric scraps
  • popsicle sticks
  • glue
  • tape
  • Legos
  • Kinects
  • foam craft balls
  • pipe cleaners
  • anything creative they can build something with
  • plastic cups large and small
  • clear plastic containers to store materials for students to access

Feel free to start send in items. We appreciate your help!

Valentines Day Card Exchange

To celebrate our friendship we are having a card exchange. Students can bring in cards for classmates and we will allow them to hand out the cards. Please remember not to include a sweet treat with the Valentines. Students can bring in things like sticker or pencils instead of candy if they want. We will send home a class list next week.


- National Day of Play is 2/3

-The second marking period has come to an end and reports cards will go home 2/9

-All reading benchmarks are now complete and we will be sending home updated reading levels!