Fat Kid Rules the World

K.L. Going

Story Element

Fat Kid Rules The World takes place in a friendly neighborhood during the present. The main conflict in the story is Troy Billings is contemplating suicide cause he is very large and doesn't know what else to do but then he meets Curt. The book begins with Troy attempting to kill himself then Curt "saves" his life.

Character Analysis

The character can be described in three words. Insecure, Smart and Unpopular. Insecure because he is very overweight and he knows it. He is getting fairly good grades which means he is smart of course, and Unpopular because he doesn't have vary many friends until he realizes hes capable of having friends. Three things that motivates the character is that he wants to be famous, he wants to be popular, and he wants to make a really popular and good band with Curt. My opinion on Troy is that he is a very smart, insecure large young man who can make friends if he tried.


The theme of the story is that it doesn't matter who you are, where your from, how old you are you can make friends and be popular. A example of this is when Troy meets Curt and they become friends. Another example of this is when he sees Curt at school and goes up to him and everyone starts talking to Troy. A third example of this would be at the end of the story they have a huge gig and everyone knows him after this event. The final example would be when Curt and Troy go to the dinner and girls start talking to Troy.