Third Grade Nuts and Bolts

Week of January 25

Congratulations to Choerab and Katie for a job well done at today's Spelling Bee!

HWT and Keyboarding Without Tears

In the HWT workbook, each student completes one page at a time. Though third graders are excited to learn cursive, it is important that students do not go ahead and complete multiple pages. Learning cursive is a process which takes time and practice. The goal is that students begin to use what they are learning in their every day writing.

Charlie Laurent introduced the keyboarding program to all third graders. As soon as Joe Lepain provides me with gmail accounts for each student, they will begin practicing keyboarding as part of dailly homework.

Vocabulary / STARS

Unit 12, this week's unit of study, begins with reading "The Tiger's Promise". The quiz is scheduled for Friday.

On Mondays, STARS homework is individually assigned to each student and is always due on Friday.

Writing Companion

This week, students continue to work in Chapter 2, Writing About an Opinion. The focus is Lesson 2, Using Good Reasons and Lesson 3, Organizing an Opinion.

A-Z Reading

This week, students will explore the five themes of geography for both France and India.

Read Aloud

Though The One and Only Ivan was intended to be read during Language Arts class, it is going to continue to be read during read aloud. As of Tuesday, students left off on page 66. Students are bringing their copy of the book home to reread to this point. When students have completed learning the process of writing an opinion, they will write a final opinion based on The One and Only Ivan. The timeline for this assignment is currently unknown.


Students have completed their research for Brazil. Due to extra play practices, third grade will not have geography class for the rest of this week. Next week, we will explore the 5 themes of geography for the country Ecuador.

The expectation for exploring both Brazil and Ecuador is not that students become experts on either country, but that students learn to navigate the three websites, identify specific information listed on the 5 themes template, and apply these skills to their own country research this spring. I am not concerned with the product (a completed template), but rather, a working knowledge of the process.

*******using an iPad, use the following resources to locate information to complete the 5 Themes template:

(there is no password or username)

Username: rilinkcgrams

Password: cgrams


Username: rockyhill

Password: mariners



Absolute (longitude/latitude)

Relative (where a place is in specific locations relations to other places)

north of

south of

east of

west of


next to



(places that are grouped together by features they share)

The Amazon rain forest is located in the Amazon region, the world’s largest rain forest.


(physical and human features of a country)

Physical features

  • landforms

  • natural resources

  • bodies of water

  • climate

  • plants

  • animal life

Human features

  • cities

  • buildings

  • architecture

  • government

  • traditions

  • culture

      • music

      • dance

      • art

      • religion

  • language

  • sports


(how goods, people and information move place to place)

  • transportation

  • technology

  • waterways/ports

Human Environmental Interaction (H.E.I.)

(how people and the environment affect one another)

  • how people rely on the environment

  • how people adapt to the environment

  • how the environment affects the way people live

natural resources



National Puzzle Day

This Friday is National Puzzle Day. Third grade will spend time engaging in various puzzle making.