Dual Credit Opportunity

Embedded-Adjunct Professors Through TWU

Are YOU Interested?

LEHS Staff,

In our continued effort to provide our students with multiple opportunities for college credit and rigorous instruction while at LEHS, we are exploring the possibility of a new partnership for Dual Credit with TWU.

TWU has developed a Dual Credit model that solely utilizes embedded instructors, in lieu of sending university staff or offering online courses. This partnership could expand the range of courses we are able to offer our students in every core content area. In order for us to move forward, we need to do an in-house talent and interest audit. That is where YOU come in!

  • Are you interested in teaching a dual credit class?
  • Do you have your Master's Degree?
  • Are you working on your Master's Degree?
  • Do you have 18 hours in your content area?

If you are interested and meet the qualifications listed above-

Step One: Contact Me!

You can send an email or call:
Ashley Helms
Director of Professional Learning and Advanced Academics

Step Two: We will work together to submit transcripts and information to TWU.

Step Three: As a district we will work to cement this new partnership.