Cyber bullying

By Alexis McKee


Cyber bullying is like no other type of bullying.Its not physical,verbal,or sexual bullying.Its with your online device and saying mean to someone over the computer,phone,iPod,etc..

Its really, to be honest with you, the hardest way to be a bully,because the person doesn't know how you mean things because they don't know you're facial expressions,voice tone,or meaning of what you're saying.But don't bully and you wont any problems like that.


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It hurts people

In the video below a girl Emily was a target of cyber bullying. She tells her story...And its not a good fairy tale..its bad reality.
If you don't know exactly

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Look back

So looking back on the video does this make you feel about keeping the feelings inside? It doesn't feel good knowing that you're the only one that knows whats going on.So speak up.Stop the bully before it goes to anybody else.Be the hero,not the villain.
Cyberbully games

Play this game to learn more about what happens.