Three Blind Mice Crime

By: Samantha Midgett

What Did They Do?

The three blind mice are arrested for breaking into a farmers house and stealing all the crops and fruits that he had worked so hard for all year long. The grand jury decides that there is enough evidence of bite marks and footprints that its time to bring the mice to court. The mice have to pay a bail to guarantee they will show up for court. The mice had to take and Oath to tell the truth, hopefully they didn't perjury and lie.

What Happens Now?

This crime isn't very serious so if the mice are proven guilty it will only be a misdemeanor. The mice showed up for court the first day. They didn't get very much accomplished that day so they subpoenaed the farmers wife because she was a witness to the crime.

The farmers wife took a picture when she saw them stealing her food and that picture was printed and used for evidence. The mice needed a lawyer but they couldn't afford one so they got a public defender.

Guilty or Innocent?

The mice did not plea bargain but they were proven guilty. The mice tried to appeal or apply to a high court for reversal of the decision but it still didn't work out and they were still proven guilty. The mice were indicted which means they were formally charged with the crime by grand jury. Then the defendants were called for arraignment before the court/judge to answer to the indictment. The mice are convicted and prosecuted. The petit jury and the judge talked about it and the verdict they all decided on was that according to all the evidence there is, the mice are guilty.