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Family Update 01.09.21

A Message from the Principal

A Message from the Principal

Greetings Holly Hall Families,

Thank you for your flexibility the past week with our crazy weather! Hopefully this week brings a bit more consistency to our schedule. CCPS will always try to provide as much advanced notice as possible for upcoming delays and closings. As a reminder, Friday January 14th will be a 1:30 dismissal. This means that our buses will pull out of the building at that time. Please plan accordingly.

We are also pleased to share with you our Food Pantry, located right outside the office doors. There are shelf stable food items available for anyone in need. If you need something, take it, if you have something to share, share it. We will be continuing to replenish the food pantry each week. This is a self-serving box and open to our Holly Hall Elementary Community.

You will also find a flyer attached for the new/returning YMCA Before & After Care program. We welcome them back to HHES and are grateful they are able to provide before and after care for the students in our building. If you are interested in utilizing this service please feel free to contact them directly using the information included on the flyer.

Enjoy and have a fabulous week,

Ms. Lowe

Parent Communication Survey

Parent Communication Survey

CCPS is committed to continuous improvement and works to solicit feedback from our family

stakeholders. In this spirit, we are asking you to take the time to complete the survey linked below that will help us gauge how we can better communicate with you.

Please use the following link to complete the survey.

AVID Focus: Goal Setting

AVID Focus: Goal Setting

As part of being an AVID school our students set goals for their learning and progress. We remind students, “A goal that is not written down is a wish.” For AVID students to truly work towards and accomplish their goals, they must take the time to think through them and write them down. Setting SMART Goals activity provides for students to think through the creation of specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and timely goals, and then writing those goals down in concise statements.

  1. Students check their growth and current grades and write about what they have accomplished.
  2. Students reflect on what strategies worked for them and what strategies are going to take to improve.
  3. We also do an AVID binder check during this time to help students stay organized.

We want students’ sense of self-direction to be improved and to feel that adults in the building care for them. Using this type of growth monitoring to track their learning and learn to reflect on their effort and learning strategies improves overall student performance, test scores and grades.

This is a major goal of the AVID program.

What can you do at home?

  • Provide your student with time.
  • Sit down with their binder and talk about the goals your student has created.
  • What are the goals? What do they mean?
  • How are they going to 'get there' to reach their goals?

The month of January brings Acadience and NWEA Maps assessments. This will measure your child's growth from Fall to Winter. It is important that not only do they try their best but that they learn from what the data says and use that to continue to update/set goals that will further help them to grow.

Goal of AVID:

AVID is designed to ensure that all students:

    • Succeed in an advanced curriculum.
    • Challenge themselves to pursue a rigorous college preparatory path.
    • Maintain academic focus, set academic goals, and develop organizational systems.
    • Achieve their academic potential.
    • Become responsible participants and leaders.

Big picture
Big picture

Elementary Tutoring

CCPS is offering virtual support for all students after school hours. CCPS teachers will provide support for Reading, Writing, or Math. These support sessions will be conducted after the school day through Schoology using a Zoom link. If you are interested in registering your child for this support, please register HERE. A separate form should be completed for each child. Once we have processed your request, you will receive an email to access your support session.
Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner

Food Pantry

The new HHES Food Pantry is located outside the main entrance of Holly Hall Elementary school. This is open to families who are experiencing short or long term financial difficulty. Please feel free to take food items needed for your family.

Weekend Food Bags

If your family is experiencing financial hardship, food bags are available for your child over the weekends. Please contact Amy Cook, School Counselor (410-996-5050 ext 30036) or Latoya Nelson, Community School Advisor (410-996-5050 ext 53886) if you would like to register your child for this program.

Classroom Guidance

From January-March, we will begin our Personal Safety unit. Students will learn about stranger safety, personal boundaries and privacy, inappropriate and appropriate contact, and how to identify when and who to go to for help when they feel unsafe. The following topics will be covered at each grade level.

  • Stranger Awareness and Safety Rules(PK-5)

  • “No, Go, Tell” Response(PK-5)

  • Identifying Touches as Being Okay or Not Okay(K-5)

  • Good secrets vs. Bad secrets(K-5)

  • Examples of lures(1-5)

  • The “Uh-oh Feeling”(2-5)

  • Internet Safety Rules(2-5)

  • Personal Safety Rules(3-5)

  • Personal Safety Vocabulary(4-5)

  • Communication Styles(5)

Please contact Mrs. Cook if you have any questions about this curriculum.

Perseverance is our Character Trait for January!

Check out these great ideas for fostering GRIT in your child.

Ways to Raise a Competent, Confident Child with GRIT

PBIS News Alert:

We are so excited to share that so far in January 2022…

  • 19 awesome students have earned Sunshine Calls!

39 awesome students have completed their Heron Passport and have earned a prize from the Heron Market for showing the Holly Hall Way! We are so proud of them.

Important Dates to Remember:

Important Dates to Remember:

  • 01.17- No School MLK Day
  • 01.19 Wellness Night-more info to come from Ms. Nelson
  • 01.22- PTO Snow Ball 6:00-9:00pm
  • 01.25-2nd Marking Period Ends
  • 01.28 Picture Retake Day

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