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September 2019

Staff Member Spotlight, Addison Jendza

New Health Program at Newcastle High School!

Introducing HealthCorps

Hello Everyone! My name is Addison Jendza, and I am the Program Coordinator from HealthCorps placed in Newcastle High School this year. HealthCorps is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to equip teens with the tools to improve their physical and mental health so they can learn to live healthier and more productive lives. The program focuses on three pillars: physical activity, nutrition, and mental resilience. The Chickasaw Nation has decided to fund this amazing program in multiple schools in Oklahoma this year, and Newcastle High School is one of them!

The program has multiple components which include: classroom facilitation, cafeteria demonstrations called Café O’Yeas, HealthCorps Club, Staff Wellness, and an annual health fair. Your student may have class with me once or twice a week, participate in the Café O’Yea, or even join HealthCorps club. Absolutely none of this would be possible without the participation and support of the staff, students, and community members—like you!

Community members are so important to ensure the success of the program. From talking to your child about their takeaways of this program to reinforcing healthy behaviors at home, you are an important piece to the success of this program. Please feel free to contact me at ajendza@newcastle.k12.ok.us if you have any questions or would like more information. Also, if you or anyone you know in the community would be interested in partnership opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Go Racers!

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Student-Parent Conferences, October 3, 2:30-8:30


Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, October 3, from 2:30-8:30 p.m. Students are highly encouraged to participate in conferences. Please note on this day, high school students will be released early. Newcastle High School is using PTCFast.com to make signing up for a conference with your student’s teacher as convenient as possible. To schedule a conference with a teacher, please enter the following web address into your browser window:


Racer Refuel, Every Wednesday, 10:54-11:19

  • Racer Refuel is an academic time for students for our students to receive academic assistance from our teachers.
  • Racer Refuel offers our students a connection to clubs and activities that we have at NHS!
  • Connections made through student-teacher mentoring.
  • Students experience school/teachers in a different, new way.

Talk to your student about how Racer Refuel is helping them succeed in class and school

19-20 Student Handbook Updates

Attendance and Activities

A student must be present in all classes the day an activity is scheduled; or if the activity is scheduled on a weekend or holiday, or is an all-day activity, a student must have been present in all class periods the preceding school day. Any exceptions to this policy must be submitted to the building principal in writing and approved by the building principal.

Any student with more than eight (8) absences per semester in any one class (coded as UVA, VA, and AM) will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities unless approved by the school principal in writing.

ID Badges

Students are required to wear a student ID created and issued by Newcastle High School. One ID card and lanyard will be provided free of charge. The ID also serves as a key to exterior doors and is required to enter our school buildings. All students are required to wear a Newcastle High School ID to enter campus. For safety and security purposes, students must wear their ID cards at all times during the school day. The card must be prominently displayed by wearing it around the neck and on the outside of all clothing. ID checks will take place every day, all day. Students who are not properly wearing their student ID will be issued LUNCH DETENTION and a temporary ID. Repeated offenses may result in further disciplinary action. In the event a card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it is the student’s responsibility to replace it through the main office within one school day. Replacement cost is $15. Refunds will not be issued.


It is the desire of Newcastle High School and the State of Oklahoma that each school be a safe place for all students. We need your help. Students who see something unusual or out of the ordinary are required to say something. Confidential incident forms can be completed in any administrative or counseling office.

Students can also report incidents by using STOPit which is an online and app-based system to empower students, teachers and others to anonymously report anything of concern to school officials – from cyber-bullying to threats of violence or self-harm. Parents and students can download the app from the App store or Google play or utilize the web based version at this address:


The access code for the high school is: newcastlehs6322

Parking Permits

A $10 parking permit is required for all vehicles that a student may drive to school. Parking permits should be purchased within the first two weeks of school. If a student turns 16, or otherwise becomes eligible to drive after this time, he or she must purchase a parking permit in the main office. In order to purchase a parking permit, students must show valid insurance and a valid driver’s license. The permit is good for the current school year only. If a student changes cars, sells his or her car, etc, during the school year, replacement parking permits may be purchased with updated documentation. The parking permit should be displayed on the top right side of the back window of the vehicle. Consequences and or fines may be given for not purchasing and properly displaying a parking permit or by not parking in the proper designated areas.

Each parking violation will result in a $25 fine. Students will be required to pay all fines prior to attending prom, or receiving final grades and diploma. Parking is a privilege and any unsafe operation or violations may result in revocation of parking privileges.

Reading Proficiency Test

The Reading Proficiency Test for students who need to improve their 8th grade reading score for their driver's permit should sign up with Mrs. Burchett. The October exam will be held on Wednesday, October 2 at 3:30 in the counselor's office.

Reality Check for Freshmen

On Tuesday, September 17th, our Freshmen, will be attending Reality Check at Mid America Technology Center in Wayne. Students will participate in a hands on budgeting simulation! They will board the buses at 8:45 and will return to campus by 11:45. ALL 9th grade students will have 2nd lunch on Tuesday.

Did you know?

Vaping and School Consequences

Students who are found in possession of vapes and vape juices and/or are caught vaping will be issued a ticket by the City of Newcastle for approximately $300 and issued a school consequence. Talk to your student about the seriousness of vaping!

Stop Vaping, CDC Warns, as Deaths and Illness Linked to E-Cigarettes Grows

After the death of a third person has been linked to vaping, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising people to refrain from using e-cigarettes. The warning comes as a fast-growing number of respiratory illnesses tied to e-cigarettes has sickened more than 400 people in 33 states, killing three.

Most of the sickened patients have been teens, according to the Associated Press.

Teen vaping has been on the rise, a trend that has bedeviled schools as teachers and administrators scramble to stop students from engaging in a habit that has unknown health consequences and is easy to hide from authority figures.

Investigators have found nothing so far to suggest that the people who have fallen sick have an infectious disease, which means that their illnesses are probably due to chemical exposure, says the CDC.

For people who are already using e-cigarettes, the CDC says not to buy them off the street, modify them, or add any extra substances to them. The CDC says youth and young adults should never smoke.

While many patients said they had used e-cigarettes that contained THC, some used both THC and nicotine-containing products. A smaller group used only e-cigarettes that contained nicotine, the CDC said in its news release.

The CDC's latest warning comes as the initial findings of a study of cases in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Utah were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In nearly one-fifth of those cases, patients reported using e-cigarettes with only nicotine, reports the AP.

No one type of e-cigarette or fluid has been identified as causing the surge of respiratory illnesses.

School leaders have been taking a variety of approaches to combat vaping among students, from suspensions to counseling.

But many teens remain unaware of the hazards of vaping. Sixty-six percent of teens believe their e-cigarettes contain just flavoring, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

If anyone who smokes e-cigarettes has shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and fever, the CDC advises them to get medical help immediately.

Stay Healthy!

Cold and Flu Season Are On The Way! Please observe our school health policy by not sending your student to school with a fever >100, vomiting or diarrhea. Student MUST be fever, vomit, diarrhea free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of medication in order to return.

Life After High School, October 3, 6:00 p.m.

All juniors, seniors & parents are encouraged to attend our annual college/career night on Student-Parent Conference night, October 3rd @ 6 pm in the High School Auditorium.

There will be several college reps presenting relevant information on the college scholarship and application process.

PSAT/NMSQT Test for Sophomores and Juniors

All sophomores will take the PSAT test on October 16 at 7:45 a.m. There is no charge for sophomores and registration is not needed. Juniors who want to take the exam to qualify as a National Merit Scholar must sign up with Mrs. Barton by Wednesday, September 18. The cost of the exam for Juniors is $20.

Scholarship Opportunities

Native Student Scholarship for Concurrent Enrollment

Did you know most tribal scholarships will pay for concurrent enrollment? Even when tuition is waived by the institution, tribal scholarships can be applied to fees, books or other miscellaneous expenses. Native students who are planning on concurrent enrollment this year, should contact their tribe for scholarship information.

Oklahoma's Promise

OK’s Promise will pay tuition at an OK public secondary school for students meeting the program’s goals.

Requirements are:

• Students must apply during their 8th, 9th, or 10th grade year

• Family income must not exceed $55,000 at the time of application.

• Must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA overall and in core classes.

• Must complete the College Preparatory curriculum for graduation.

Talk to your high school counselor for more information!

Going Merry, Scholarship Website

Going Merry (www.goingmerry.com) is an awesome new scholarship website - it makes scholarship applications as easy as college applications are when you use the Common App!

There is a long waiting list but all of you can skip it when you sign up here: https://www.goingmerry.com/c/stephanieb-ry0ao.

Going Merry is completely different from the older scholarship search engines:

  • Matching - Once you fill out your profile, you are automatically matched with scholarships you are most eligible for.
  • Direct Applications - You can apply directly to multiple scholarships, you never need to leave the site.
  • Autofilled Applications - All of the information from your profile is autofilled into each application, saving you time.
  • Estimated Application Times - Every scholarship has estimated application time to help you prioritize them.
  • Scholarships Grouped By Essay Topics - Scholarships are grouped by common essay topics so you can minimize the number of essays you have to write

Fall Homecoming Week, October 7-11, Spirit Days

The high school leadership classes have chosen our 2019 Homecoming theme! "Now Showing" will be this years theme and everything will be centered around movies! We are hoping to have a fantastic week, and we look forward to your participation!

Dress Up Days for all sites are as follows:

Monday-The Breakfast Club-Pajamas Day

Tuesday-The Parent Trap-Twin Day

Wednesday-The Avengers-Superhero Day

Thursday-Dodgeball: The Movie-Jersey Day

Friday-Remember the Titans-Vintage Racer Day(or just a Racer day in general!)

Homecoming Bonfire, October 9, 7:00 p.m.

The 2019 Fall Homecoming Bonfire will be held on October 9th from 7-9 p.m. We will again have food trucks, a DJ, lawn games, inflatables, and of course a fire! Each year this event is bigger and better, and we hope to have another successful bonfire!

In order for this to happen we need you to be there! We would love to have everyone attend! If you are in charge of a club, organization, or sport, that would like to have a booth at the bonfire, we are allowing a maximum of 8 organizations to have a booth this year. There will be a $25 fee per booth. Please let Coach Phillips (jphillips@newcastle.k12.ok.us) know by October 1 if your organization/high school sport plans to have a booth at the Bonfire so that we can secure your place and put you on our vendor map.

Homecoming Parade, October 11, 10:00 a.m.

For the Homecoming parade this year we would love to have floats from as many organizations as possible! Our hope is to have no duplicate floats at the high school level. Each float should have the quote "Now Showing: Name of Movie". If you are going to throw candy during the parade, you must have people walking the street to hand out candy, NO CANDY IS ALLOWED TO BE THROWN FROM THE FLOATS THIS YEAR.

As of now, the only movies that have been claimed are:

Seniors-Robin Hood

Juniors-Spiderman: Homecoming

Sophomores: Alice in Wonderland

Freshmen: The Greatest Showman.

If you are in charge of a high school organization or sport and would like to have a float in the parade please let contact Jake Phillips, jphillips@newcastle.k12.ok.us. If you are wanting to enter a float into the parade and it is not associated with the high school please contact, Gayla Riddle, at the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce.

Racer Activity Updates

Class Sponsors, 2019-20

Freshmen: Stephanie Burchett

Sophomores: Haley Price

Juniors: Alisha Duncan, Samantha Crissup, Christina Treu

Seniors: Heather Barton, Stacy Wright

FFA Update

The McClain County Fall Fair was held in Purcell at the county fairgrounds.

Shooting sports practices will begin the week of Sept. 9.

On Saturday, Aug. 31, the Newcastle FFA chapter was recognized at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Blue and Gold Sausage company. We are one of only 11 chapters in Oklahoma that have sold Blue and Gold Sausage since the company started 50 years ago.

The Newcastle FFA Chapter was awarded a TC Energy grant for their project called Agricultural Communications: Video Broadcasting & Photography. Funds were granted for the purchase of camcorder kits and accessories. This equipment will be used in the Agricultural Communications class to give students a hands-on opportunity to produce videos and a photojournalism portfolio.

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FFCLA Attends Leadership Workshop

Newcastle FCCLA Chapter Officers attended a leadership workshop in Owasso this week. Students learned leadership and communication skills to take back to their chapter. In addition, the students participated in the Oklahoma Challenge, an initiative to help eliminate distracted driving and to help create safer roads for teen drivers.

Students that attended include: Mason Brasel, Claire Bailey, Keldon Roberts, Erika Hall, and Garrett Bailey, and FCCLA Advisor Alisha Duncan.

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Junior Class Fundraiser on Student/Parent Conference Night

The Junior Class will be selling Chick-A-fil meal boxes for $7 during conferences. Meals include a sandwich, chips, cookie and a drink. Meals will be available until sold out so stop by the Racer Pit stop early!

Class of 2020 Information

Yearbook Senior Ads

Need Help Designing Your Senior Ad?

Come to room 118 during Parent Conference on October 3rd and meet with a yearbook staff member to help you create the perfect ad. Bring your pictures on a flash drive or we can scan in hard copies. Staffers will help you navigate the online process. If you just need help getting started you will be able to save your ad to finish on a later date. Payment is not due on this night, payment is due when you complete and submit your ad to Herff Jones.

Baby Picture

Graduation will be here soon! Seniors need to provide a baby picture for the graduation slide show. The picture can be dropped off in room 118 or emailed to ctreu@newcastle.k12.ok.us Put Senior Name Baby Picture in subject line if emailing.

Racer September Fundraisers

FCCLA Water Bottle Fundraiser

FCCLA is raising money to attend their conferences and competitions during the year. FCCLA is pre-selling 22oz water bottles for $20! Great for lunches, sports, activities, etc. To order, please email Alisha Duncan at aduncan@newcastle.k12.ok.us

Racer Band Pie Fundraiser

Racer Band Members will be selling pies starting on September 25. The holidays will be quickly approaching! Contact a band student or Todd Baker, tbaker@newcastle.k12.ok.us to order!

Racer Gear

NHS Soccer and Cheer are both selling RACER gear! Click the links below to be redirected to the online sites for ordering!

Yearbooks are still on sale for $55. Visit www.yearbookordercenter.com to order yours today.

Racer Cafe

High School

$1.50 Breakfast

$2.75 Lunch

Reduced prices-all sites

$0.30 Breakfast

$0.40 Lunch

Every meal includes milk, juice & unlimited fruits & vegetables (sides & salad bar).

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