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These are some cute things about kittens.


You will like this. Kittens are very cute and you will learn about them.

To take care of your cat

You will need to choose the right veterinarian.

Have fled control.

Watch what your cat eats.

And see if it has clean ears. That means he/she is healthy.

if you want your kitten or cat to love you do the following

Pay attention to him/her

Pet them often.

Don't change their type or food or litter once you have found one that you like.

If you leave to go somewhere pet him/her the next time you see him/her.

Brush him/her often because most cats like it.

Don't drag them on to you let them come to you. Just call their name.

Keep the litter box(s) clean.

Don't disturb him/her when their sleeping.

Bend down to pet them. It makes them more comfortable.

Give him/her a LITTLE BIT of milk every now and then.

Things you may need

Cat carrier

Cat bed

Cat brushes

Cat collar(s)

stuff you will need before getting your kitten(s)

Cat food

Food/water bowl(s)

Litter box(s) cat litter and a scooper

If you are going spoil your kitten then a scratching post

to make sure your cat is healthy then...

Check in the eyes to make sure their is nothing gooey.

Make sure ears are clean and don't smell bad.

Have the cats fur be clean and look closely to make sure there is NO fleas.

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