Climate Change

By Nick Brock

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What makes the Cilmate change

there are some ch4 and co2 can melt the poalr ice caps called global climate change is caused by greenhouse gasses


  • glaciers are melting, less hunting ground for polar bears

  • polar ice caps are melting

  • drier and hotter- increase in deserts

  • sea levels are rising

  • New England is getting warmer

  • maple trees are dying

What can middle schoolers do?

- grow own vegetables and fruits

- plant a tree- helps remove CO2 greenhouse gases

- change old lightbulbs to new fluorescent light bulbs

- turn off TV, lights, computers when not in use

- turn off anything that is charging

- try not to use an air conditioner, use fans instead

- walk or ride your bike when you can

- recycle

- use tap water

- drink from reusable cups

- save water

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