Personal Fitness News

Spring 2017

Grade Updates

Students and Parents,
I have updated your grades. Please take a moment to check your gradebook and notify me if you have any questions. Remember, zeros are entered after each Assignment Due date for all work that has not been submitted on time. There is a 3 school day late work grace period in which you can submit work for partial credit. After this grace period, assignments can not be accepted for credit.

Next Assignment Due Date: Wednesday, Feb. 8th @ Midnight

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Wondering What is Due this Grading Period???

18 Week Students

  • A: Fitness Goals
  • FL#5: 3 x 30mins each

16 Week Students

  • Q: Quiz 1 (Intro to Personal Fitness and Looking Good, Feeling Great)
  • D: Components of Fitness
  • D: Goal Setting for Teenagers
  • FL#3: 3 x 25mins each

Next Office Hours

Monday, Feb. 13th, 5pm

This is an online event.

I will be available to answer all of your questions.

My Office


  1. Always review the course notes of all units before each quiz.
  2. Check Email daily.
  3. Read Content pages in the order they appear.
  4. Read feedback on all assignments.
  5. Fitness Logs are worth 50% of your grade. Be sure to complete and submit these by the Assignment Due Date for full credit.

Parents Corner

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