Dangers of Smoking

Chemicals in cigarettes

Dangerous chemicals in cigarettes

There are many hazardous chemicals in cigarettes. You can find nicotine, carbon monoxide, toluene, formaldehyde and many more.
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What can happen to your body!

Smoke is not made for your body and it can cause seizures. Cigarettes are injurious to health. There are many types of cancers that can occur in your body such as lung cancer, stomach cancer and brain cancer. There are many diseases that can develop in your body and harm you. You can also get a heart attack.

Here is a Bill Nye video on the effects of smoking.

Effects Of Smoking

The 2 types of smoking

There are 2 types of smoking. First hand smoking and second hand smoking. First hand smoking is when YOU are the one smoking and second hand smoking is when someone else is smoking and you are the one breathing in the smoke.
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Money, money, money!

Did you know that the average smoker spends over a 1,000 dollars in cigarettes? Instead of spending so much money on cigarettes people could use it for useful stuff.

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More Information

When you smoke a mix of gases get released around your eyes, nose and throat. It happens in the first few seconds. Your eyes may water and your throat will become irritated. Tiny hairs called cilia clean your bronchial tubes and lungs. Smoking paralyzes and even kills the cilia so they can't clean your bronchial.

How we can stop smoking ( or other people )

We can stop smoking or stop others from smoking by putting up posters and teaching smokers the importance of our community. Smoke in very dangerous for our communities so we should stop.

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Stages of cancer

There are 4 stages of cancer that you MAY INCREASE the chances of getting if you smoke. Stage 1 is the best stage of cancer you can get and stage 4 is the worst stage because the tumor is spreading around your whole body and the chances of surviving are very less.

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