coal mining

labor in coal mining was very dangerous and tiring

horrible and dangerous working conditions

Almost always working in the dark. they stirred up the dust off the tunnels floors and it gets into their lungs and destroys them. There was always the danger of explosions, flooding, and the tunnels collapsing. women and children carried loads of coal through tunnels and up stairs.

jobs throughout the coal mine

Mines owners had kids working at the age of seven to eight but some as young as five. Children had the worst jobs and with the worst pay out of them all. Children were the main people to be pushing, pulling, and carrying the loads of coal out of the mines. Children were the main people to be the door boy that has to sit in the dark all day at work and wait for people to get close to the door. Children had to hit the coal with pick axes to get chunks of coal.

hours and wages of the miners

Children were the main people that were working the mines, they get paid the least out of all of them. Children and women work the same hours even though they get paid more. Men didn't have to do that much because they had the easiest job and they get paid the most even though there the strongest. Most of the children and women were so tired from exhaustion that it made their jobs that much more dangerous.


some of the good things that happened for them is that they had much better pay than work at the factory. If the coal mining profits were not found there wouldn't of been a lot of jobs during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution wasn't very good for miner workers.