Miss Jones's Newsletter

January 2016

What we have going on in Room 150...

Welcome back!!! I hope everyone had a very restful and relaxing Winter Break! I am so excited to get back and see everyone! Remember to always check out our classroom blog http://www.missjoneskindergartenclass.blogspot.com/ for weekly updates and posts of whats going on in our classroom! 2016 is going to be a busy and exciting time for us in room 150!

Getting back in the swing of things...

What we are working on...

Nightly Reading Logs and Weekly Sight Words

Please continue to read every night with students in their reading logs. After every 10 books, students receive a free pizza pass!!! Please also make sure to review sight words every night! These words are so important for students to know and to be able to recognize to build reading fluency!

This month we are working on...


*We've been practicing Counting 1-50 by 1's.

*Counting to 100 by 10's

*Practicing Writing Numbers 1-10

*Learning 2D and 3D Shapes - Squares, Circles, Triangles, Rectangles, Hexagons, Cube, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone, and Sphere

*Be able to identify shapes by the number of sides each shape has. Also being able to sort 2D and 3D shapes

*Compare two numbers between one and 10 presented as written numerals

*use the key vocabulary more than, less than, fewer, the same, most, least

*Count forward from any given number.


*Using Print Concepts when reading stories (Author, Title, Illustrator, where to start reading, direction to read, what a period is, and retelling the story.)

*Learning Letters and their Sounds

*Practicing Writing Letters

*Phonological Awareness (understanding of spoken words, syllables, sounds)

*Practicing checking for understanding after reading/listening to a story by being able to tell the characters, setting, problem/solution, and what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story

*Questioning & Inferring Skills when reading or listening to a story. Also being able to understand and use question words and prepositions.

*Starting to work on being able to tell the difference in a noun and a verb

*With prompting and support, being able to identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text. (Persuasion, Informative, and Entertainment)

*The Daily 5 Literacy Block


*We have now learned all the letters and their letter sounds so we have moved on to blending sounds together to blend and segment words. For example, cat would be segmented as /c/ /a/ /t/ as the beginning, middle, and ending sound. We also call this Rollercoastering our words, however in a couple weeks we will move from rollercoastering words to tapping out words just using our fingers instead of our entire arms!


*Opinion Writing

Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose opinion pieces in which they tell a reader the topic or the name of the book they are writing about and state an opinion or preference (My favorite book is…)

Science/Social Studies


Forces and Motion: Understanding the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment.

Essential Vocabulary for this unit:

Zigzag, above, below, between, in front of, behind, on top of, straight, round and round, back and forth, fast and slow, under, fast, over, slow, top , bend, behind, straight, classify, sort, and beneath.

Social Studies

Civics & Government

We are also working with understanding how individuals are similar and different.

Economics and Financial Literacy

Understand basic economic concepts (Needs vs. Wants).

Hour of Code

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Right before we got out for break we started off our Hour of Code work with Mrs. Eggett, our Digital Lead Teacher, who knows all there is to know about how to code! Though out the year we will be working with her learning how to create and use codes to do all sorts of fun things with technology in our room! I loved watching everyone get their first experience with coding and working so well together to get their teams through the coding maze. Later in the year we will actually be writing codes that will direct a robot to move through certain paths and positions! Everyone did a great job of listening and creating codes to help their teams reach the end of their coding paths!

Working Hard During Fundations

As you know, we have been very busy working hard learning our letters and our letter sounds. Recently we have learned how to "tap" or sound out words using our fingers to segment the sounds. This is a very important skill for students, specifically when they are learning how to read! It is also part of our upcoming mCLASS assessments, which is coming up towards the end of the month and goes through the beginning of February! Ask your student to show you how to tap out CVC words! (FYI...a CVC word is a word that is made up of a Consonant, Vowel, Consonant like mop, cat, pig, log, sit, etc.) :)

High Tech/High Touch- Forces and Motion

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Before we got out for Winter Break we also had an amazing afternoon working with Asteroid Amber from High Tech/High Touch on science projects that have to do with force and motion.

First we started off with some projects that involved magnetism. We used cars with magnets and race tracks to watch the magnetism pull the car through the tracks and also used a magnet to direct a paperclip through a race track.

Our next experiments were based on Newtons Law of gravity. His law states an object at rest wants to stay at rest unless another force is applied (like a push or pull) once something is in motion. Once in motion, it will want to stay in motion until another force stops it. This is the idea of gravity and inertia. We used the cup/bowl and table cloth as well as the egg in a bottle which demonstrated this law of gravity using gravity and air pressure. Our favorite experiment of the day was the egg in a bottle experiment!

Our 3 final experiments with Asteroid Amber from High Tech/High Touch were a sock filled with beans where students ran to a line on the ground then let go of sock at a specific point (line on the carpet) when running & the sock continued moving past the line. They also worked on an experiment where close pins and a cup was used to demonstrate when force is pushed upon a stable object it will then start to move (drop into a cup from a resting place). Finally our last experiment was a tornado in a bottle using tornado tubes! Everyone had a wonderful afternoon and it was definitely a fun Friday, to say the least! Thanks again to Asteroid Amber and everyone at High Tech/High Touch for such an exciting and educational afternoon!


The week after MLK Holiday break (Monday, Jan. 25th) we will start sending home a small Homework Pack that will have a total of 4 pages in it. It will usually consist of 2 pages of math work, one page of phonics/word work, and one writing page. The whole pack will be due the following Friday! You can either do 1 page each night for homework or if you need to skip a night you can do so and then do two pages the next night, whatever works best for your family! Students will get the pack on Mondays and they are expected to turn them in on Friday! When they turn their homework in on Fridays, they will get 2 pieces of Honey Money! Thank you so much for working at home with your child on the work we are teaching at school! We couldn't do it with out your help and I really appreciate everything you do at home to help reinforce what we are working on in class!
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Upcoming Events and Dates for November

January 5th - PTO Meeting at The Montford Center from 6 -7 pm

January 12th - Spirit Night at Barley's

January 18th - MLK Day, No School!

January 19th - Teacher Workday - No School for Students!

January 25th - Homework Packets start being sent home every Monday and Due every Friday!

A note from Miss Jones...

I am so happy to be back with my wonderful students after a little break away and we are already back to working hard on our reading, writing, math, and social skills! I truly missed each and every one of my amazing students and hope they are as excited to back to Claxton as I am! We do have a tiny wishlist of things we need for our class with the coming of the new year! If you are able to donate any paper towels, SNACKS, or coffee filters for our classroom we would greatly appreciate it! We are very low, if not out of most of those materials! Also, please continue to work with your students at home on practicing writing their names (using lower case letters and only a capital at the beginning) and tying their shoes! I am looking forward to all the exciting things we have going on this month, remember to always check out our classroom blog and twitter pages for weekly updates!