Knee Braces And Supports

If a physician recommends the use of knee braces

Football and Common Knee Injuries

Football is a full-contact sport, one that takes place at high speeds. While this sport is exciting to watch, it can be very hard on a player's body. Injuries may be the result of contact or they may come from overuse. Protective equipment can be of help in preventing these injuries but they do still occur, and the knee is often the joint impacted. When a person injures a knee while playing this sport, a brace or support may be needed to help the joint recover or it may be recommended to prevent the injury from recurring.

Traumatic Knee Injuries

A traumatic injury to the knee is a common problem in football, with the menisci and anterior or posterior cruciate ligament being affected. Sadly, an injury of this type can leave the player unable to participate in the sport in the future. While ankle sprains are also common, due to the cutting motions used in the sport and the playing surfaces, they aren't as damaging. For this reason, any pain in the knee should be reported to a medical professional immediately to minimize any damage and ensure the proper treatment is obtained.

Overusing the Knee

However, traumatic injuries aren't the only thing that can have a negative impact on a player's knees. The sport requires the player be in great physical shape. Nevertheless, too much training can lead to problems also from the overuse of vulnerable joints. This is known as overtraining syndrome and could lead to knee pain due to a condition called patellar tendinitis. The player may need to wear a brace or support while recovering from this type of injury and participate in a strengthening program for the quadriceps to prevent similar injuries in the future. Fortunately, this is often enough to treat the condition and prevent additional problems down the road.

If a physician recommends the use of knee braces and supports during the recovery period or to prevent injuries of this type, turn to Mueller braces and supports. This company carries a wide range of braces and supports to meet the needs of football players. This is a collision sport and one that often results in injuries. The more proactive a player is, the lower the risk of these injuries. A brace or support is only one way to help. Proper stretching and conditioning are others. Ask the doctor today what measures are needed now and in the future to keep the player healthy at all times.