Islands Of Adventure

By: Etoria,Morgan,Lane,Nigel


Where:Orlando, Florida
address: 6000 universal Blvd, Orlando FL 32819
area:110 acres (45 ha)
phone # 407-224-4233

22.00 dollars for parking at the park

How Many People Going

4 teachers
6 helpers
96 students

How Much Is For Who All Going

Cost of adults- 96.00 plus taxs
Cost of Children- 90.00 plus taxs
total cost for Children- 7,290 dollars
total cost for adults- 777,6 dollars

Total Price For All-1773.24 dollars


Jean's buses service
seats- 56 per bus
how many buses - 2 112 seats
5 mil. Insurance
cost per day-890 dollars
gas cost-3.35
greenville,South Carolina 29609

Are We Going To Eat At The Park?

Yes we are!

Service Type: Full Service
Price Range: From $10 to $18
Reservations accepted: Call Universal's Islands of Adventure Reservations at 407-224-4012.

Where Are We Staying?

Motel 6 Orlando FL
$45 per night
2.4 miles away form park

Staying for one day