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December 13, 2014

Liqueur Before Beer In the Clear, Driving After Either You Don't Wanna Be Near.

When turning sixteen one can only dream of being able to get behind the wheel and driving anywhere. You dream of taking your friends shopping, or taking your girlfriend to the movies, not of being afraid to turn the corner. Sadly the thought of facing the road’s monsters is a subconscious nightmare in the minds of every driver, young and old. At any moment they can attack, they can come out of nowhere, on the darkest roads, on the sunniest days. They can be any shape, size or color. However there is one aspect of them that easily distinguishes them from any other normal driver. They are careless, and drunk.

Drunk driving is something that no one can prepare for, the only way to prevent drunk driving is simple not to drive drunk. Unfortunately that golden rule has yet to reach everyone. This tragic habit can bring multiple problems legally to the DUI driver, if any damage is done. Fines are quite large for those caught driving under the influence, and jail time is probable. Police departments are cracking down on drunk driving and enforcing its consequences. If you are found participating in this dishonorable action, you make want to rethink the consequences and the innocent lives that you put in danger because with the new actions of police you will be caught.

Marry Me?

Homosexuality is something that the world as a whole has struggled with. Is it wrong? is it right? Do people choose to be gay? Or are they simply born that way? Although most are set in their own ways and opinions, evidence has been found to back up the theory that those who are homosexual are born that way. The picture below is that or a brain scan comparing the brains of a heterosexual male (HeM) and a heterosexual woman (HeW) to a homosexual male (HoM) and a homosexual woman (HoW). The scan shows similarities between the heterosexual male's brain and the homosexual woman's brain. Also parts of the homosexual male's brain resembles the heterosexual woman's brain. The parts of the brain where these similarities are found is mainly in the amygdala. The amygdala is a part of the brain which controls emotions and how we handle emotions. Studies like this could lead to the legalization of gay marriage. However multiple part of the laws about marriage come from Christian beliefs. And according to some Christians, including what the law is based on, marriage is between a man and a woman. Does this statement violate rights of those who are gay? The answer to this particular question may be easily answered by the graph already discussed.

Computer Screens Make Bad Shields

From articles, books, and even lifetime movies, the efforts to stop cyber bullying is a never ending battle. Children, teens, and even adults don't seem to understand the consequences of bullying. Other than the self-image issues and depression that they throw upon their peers, the penalties can now also included charges such as criminal harassment or, in more severe cases that may involve suicides, murder. Many still believe that bullying and harassing over the internet is in some way protecting them and is less harmful, sadly for them that is not the case. The things said on social networks and the internet can now easily be traced back to who said it, giving the law an upper hand in these situations. Although most cyber bullying cases are still mainly handled at the school level in a more civil manner, the law there to get involved if need be. Laws against cyber bullying vary though depending on where you are in the country, but one thing is for sure, at no time soon will it become easier to get away with this criminal act.

just read it later

Texting while driving takes multiple lives each year, and causes countless amount of accidents in general. The court systems and law are trying their hardest to prevent it from causing anymore damage, however that is difficult. Many states, such as Kentucky, have laws against texting and driving, but its just against texting and that only. People use their phones in their cars to call, navigate, and play music. Some cars made now a days have been designed to even work with phones. These uses of phones in the car makes it difficult for police to pull over those they believe are texting and driving. Kentucky has made an effort to stop the extra use of phones by adding in that you can only make phones calls in the car if you are above 18. Unfortunately some 16 year-old's look even older than an 18 year old. So in order to really prevent the accidents f caused by texting while driving the people driving, not the police, will have to make the pledge to not do so.

Opinion Section

The Kill

They do the worst, but do they deserve the worst? The argument has been never ending, should death penalty be illegal or should America continue flushing out the guilty from our system? Most of Americans still favor the death penalty, but according to a recent poll by Gallup they number of those opposing is nearing 40%. “If you murder someone intentionally then yes, you should be put to death. Anyone in charge of gangs as well should be put to death, even if they are sending other people to commit the murders.” Is what, high school student, Jeremy Webb has to say about this subject. Jeremy goes on to say, "The only downfall to killing those in death row is that it leaves kids fatherless or motherless," So the argument stands, is it right to take away an innocent child's mother or father? But, is it right to let them continue to live after what they have done?