Smore Book Review

Library Book Reviews

What is a Smore?

A Smore is a digital or online flyer creator. You will be using it to create an online book review for a library book that you have read.

Getting Started

Step 1. Go to google Chrome on your desktop and enter smore into your search bar.

Step 2. Click on Smore:Beautiful and easy to use newsletters.

Step 3. Log in. All students will be logging in under my username and password.


Password: tarpon

Step 4. At the top of the page click on New Flyer.

Step 5. Choose your design, background, colors, and fonts.

Step 6. Start creating your smore.

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What your Smore needs...

1. Title and author at the top of the page. Please find and add a picture of the cover of the book.

2. A summary of your book. This includes the main characters, main events, and conflicts.

* Do not tell us how the book ends!!!*

3. Rate it. 1 to 4 star and why you gave it that rating.

4. Would you recommend the book to someone to read? Why or why not?

Additional fun stuff you can add.

Links to: author websites, amazon page for book.

Embed: book trailers and/or book reviews from Youtube.

Audio files that remind you of the book.