What's Cooking in FACS!

7th Grade Family and Consumer Science with Mrs. Bodkin

Spring is Finally Here!! Sort of.

Who expected the first day of Spring to bring snow? I hope that you and your children are staying warm on this snowy day.

I hope that your children have been enjoying FACS. We have made Bowknots and Super Chocolate Chip Cookies. Perhaps they have made some for you! We have covered Kitchen and Food Safety as well as proper measuring techniques and equipment.

Your children have also learned the fine art of laundry. Their one and only homework assignment is to complete a load of laundry and fill out the Laundry 101 worksheet along with acquiring your signature. This is due Monday/Tuesday. I have a copy of the worksheet on my Vision site if your child has misplaced their copy.


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Your children have nearly completed their first rotation of FACS Modules. These are similar to the Modules that they completed in Tech E. Some examples include Sewing and Design, Microwave Cooking, Fitness and Health, Confident Consumer, Entrepreneurship Child Care and Interior Design. These modules are designed to be a self-based learning platform and include hands on activities. Students are expected to research, apply and challenge themselves based on queries in each module. Please see my Vision site for more information on each module.

Vision Site

Please click on the link below to view my Vision course. I will post the lessons that your children have learned on this page. The enrollment key is FACS7.