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November 2018

From the Desk of Mrs. Uhlorn

Hello Families,

Welcome to the month of November, where many of us take a brief moment to give thanks for different components of our life. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be the principal of Amity Elementary where I get to form a special relationship with your child(ren) every day. Nothing brings me more joy than the hugs, stories, and memories I get to make with them every day. Thank you for sharing them with us at Amity Elementary.

With that being said, you often hear me say, your child's safety is my number one priority. Not only emotionally but physically as well. Recently we practiced our lock-down procedures for the new building. We partnered with the Ada County Sheriff's department for a couple of reasons. One, we wanted them to understand the layout of the new facility, and two, we wanted our students to gain a level of comfort with having police officers in our building. After the lockdown drill we had a debriefing with the sheriff's department to determine procedures needing adjustments.

In the debriefing meeting with our student resource officer, (SRO) and head of security for the Boise School District, the importance of keeping the school clear during a threat is extremely important was stressed multiple times. Sadly, we are learning from other school shootings, new protocols to follow. It is human nature to rush to our children in a time of crisis to protect them. However, if you or family members come to the scene to intervene and reunify with your child(ren) you will delay the process of stopping the threat, and will potentially put yourself in a dangerous position with law enforcement and the threat. As hard as it is, please stay way from the threat. Up-to-date information will be shared with you through our communication system, along with where to reunify with your child(ren).

We will have other lockdown drills throughout the year, including, a reverse evacuation. This is where we go into lockdown while students are outside of the building, and we bring them back in to keep them away from the outside threat. We will do all of these drills in partnership with the Ada County Sheriff's department in order to ensure we are providing the best support/training we can for our students and teachers.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support and help this year. We are lucky to have a community that comes together to benefit the education of all our students. Have a wonderful November filled with laughter and happy memories. As always, if you ever have a question, want to talk, do not hesitate to reach out via telephone, email, or a visit to the school. I am always willing to listen and collaborate with you.


Valerie Uhlorn

Parking Lot and Crosswalk Safety

It is our first priority during drop off and pick up to keep every student safe. In order to achieve this, we would ask the following:

  • Reduce your speed in the parking lot.
  • Make sure it is clear before driving across the crosswalks in the parking lot.
  • Follow all parking lot signage.
  • Follow all directions given by staff in both the parking lot and in the crosswalk on Amity Road.
  • Park only in a designated parking space. Do not leave vehicles unattended in the parent drop off lane.
  • Drop your child(ren) off in the parent drop off area. Encourage them to use the crosswalks while in the parking lot. We ask that parents abide by this also as it sets a good example for our students.
  • When using the parent drop off area, pull to the end of the lane (west end of parking lot) before stopping. This will help decrease congestion at the parking lot entrance.

Thank you for your help in keeping our parking lot safe.

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Amity Girls Basketball

The 5th and 6th grade girls basketball team has had a wonderful year. They have improved their basketball skills and learned to work together as a team. The regular season ended on October 24th, and the tournament will start in early November. Good luck, Groundhogs!
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Salvation Army Food Drive

We will be partnering with The Salvation Army to help collect food for those in need this holiday season. Collection barrels will arrive on November 7th; all donations are due back by Friday, December 14th. We will have a prize for both the class and the grade level that brings in the largest number of donations. Thanks for your help!
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