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How to Choose The Best Color

To some homeowners, the most difficult part of interior painting is choosing paint colors. Perhaps the reason it is such a challenge is because of the wide variety of colors there are from which to choose. On the other hand, this may sound like a very simple task to others but there are so many elements that must be considered when choosing a color scheme that it can get complicated very quickly.

Which color will work best for a particular area of the home will depend largely on the room being painted, how it will be used and the interior design of the room. One way to help narrow down choices for interior painting projects is to collect paint chips. When going through paint chips save any of them that you think may be desirable. Refrain from making any final choices until all of the elements of the room have been thoughtfully considered.

When considering the color choices, think about the design of the room and various elements such as rugs, fabric, furnishings, flooring, structures and wallpaper that may already be present in the room. These elements are all major players in various living room designs or modern kitchen designs. The interior painting should work to blend all of these elements together into one statement of style.

There may be several underlying tones or different shades of colors being used in the overall theme of the room. Consider these hues and think about which one, or ones, may be preferable to the overall theme.

Exterior painting will require the same thoughtful consideration. When choosing colors homeowners will need to consider the exterior design of the home, the style of the trim, existing structures and landscaping to determine what colors may work best for painting the outdoor portions of the home. These decisions may take time, but the finished products will be well worth the effort.

Top Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior painting is partly to protect a house from the ill effects of weather; however, if all it was supposed to do was provide protection then all houses would likely be one color. Being able to choose paint colors for exterior painting in New Jersey allows homeowners quite a bit more personal expression. Although choosing the right paint color can be somewhat fun, there must also be some logic involved in choosing colors for a home’s exterior design.

There are several considerations to be made such as where the house is located; paint colors can depend on if it is located in an urban area, the suburbs or a rural setting. Town settings and country settings may require a whole different color scheme. You must also think differently if it is situated in a historic community or a community that has guidelines to follow. The style of the home is also a determining factor when choosing exterior painting colors. Contemporary, Adobe or Colonial exterior designs will each have a set of colors that will work best for the style.

Other exterior factors are also important. For instance if one side of the home is facing the sun you will need to choose colors that sunlight is less likely to fade. Homeowners should also consider surrounding landscape elements and roof style and color when choosing exterior paint colors.

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Top Interior Paint Colors

The best colors for interior painting will depend largely upon the room and its primary function. A room’s color is certainly one of the key design elements as it alone can help set the mood, bring warmth or make the room seem larger or smaller.

White or off-whites are some of the most versatile of all interior painting colors. It can be further decorated with splashes of any color and works well in most decors. It is also used to make an area seem larger; add light or a fresh feeling to a room. The down side is that it is often very difficult to keep clean and it can give the feeling of a sterile environment.

Neutrals such as light brown are among one of the best color choices for interior painting projects. It is easy to mix in just a hint of blue or red to give a room that perfect touch. It will not make a room look larger, and it will work well with many different colors which makes it a great option for modern living room design.

There are many colors that are popular in modern interior design. Colors such as red, bright yellow or navy blue can be stunning or sophisticated. The best interior paint colors are those which can be adapted to suit many different decorating needs.

Top Kitchen Colors

For those undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, it is very likely that interior painting will be part of the package. Kitchen painting is a great way to start or end a kitchen remodeling project as it can add the perfect finishing touches to the project. Choosing the color can often be a difficult task. Kitchen colors should be strategically chosen to influence both mood and appetite.

There are a lot of trending colors that are on the market right now. For homeowners who are not considering putting the home on the resale market, any one of these may work for a kitchen painting project. These types of colors used to be taboo in the kitchen, but have become very welcomed over the last few years. Bright yellows, blues and red are all wonderful options in the world of modern kitchen design.

For those who may consider resale options stick with colors that will be visually pleasing but will remain neutral without dating the kitchen remodeling job. Granite or terra cottas are great colors to use for a kitchen painting project. Either of them will add a touch of elegance without being overwhelming or too personal.

Top Bedroom Colors

Considering the colors for a bedroom painting project is a highly personal task. If there is any room in the house that is private and personal, it is the bedroom. It takes such a delicate balance of colors to achieve the perfect personal touch when doing interior painting in this part of the house. The walls may not be too noticeable during the daytime, but it will be the first thing in the line of view upon waking each morning. There are several considerations to be made in choosing bedroom paint colors.

The size of the room plays a huge role in color selection. If the interior painting is done too dark it can make the room seem a lot smaller. Smaller bedrooms need lighter and more neutral colors. Larger bedrooms can handle brighter colors. The desired mood is also an important consideration. If you want to create a natural and tranquil look, try some greens. For a passionate or romantic space opt for shades of reds or pinks.

To narrow down the color choices one may consider the present furnishings. The walls should go well with the overall décor of the bedroom. To add a touch of color, paint one wall in an alternate shade. Or for accents use colorful pieces such as pillows or blankets.

Top Living Room Colors

Almost anything goes in today’s living room design. There are many colors that were taboo in years gone by which are frequently used for interior painting projects. Bright colors like red or blue, and even shades of purple are now among some of the favorite living room colors. What is right for your living room will depend on various other elements in this important family room.

Take a quick look around the living area of your house. When you are choosing colors, think about items that cannot be easily changed. Fixtures such as fireplaces, patio doors and flooring will most likely remain unchanged. Colors will need to be complimentary of these types of features as well as any furnishings that will remain in the room.

Selecting a desired mood or a color temperature is a large part of the living room décor. Blues and greens, which are cooler colors, can help the room remain calmer or cool. Warm colors like reds or yellows are energetic colors. If you use the living room for entertaining choose warmer colors. If you live in a warmer climate, you will want to choose cooler colors. Warm colors can actually make occupants feel warmer and vice versa.

Top Exterior Colors

An exterior painting project can be costly and time consuming. Homeowners must take their time in selecting colors that will be complimentary of the exterior design. Take some time to carefully look over the exterior portions of the home. Selecting a color that clashes with roofing materials can be a very embarrassing, as well as costly mistake.

The style of the home will help determine the best color scheme to use in the exterior painting of the home. If the house has any trim, shutters or wainscoting it will be very important to choose appropriate colors, complimentary colors, for the exterior walls and these pieces. Many homeowners opt to use one base color for the walls and a different shade of that color for trim.

A very important aspect to choosing appropriate hues for the exterior design of a home is the neighborhood in which it is located. If all the houses in the surrounding area are blues, browns or yellows, red may not be the best choice for exterior house painting projects. Many neighborhoods also have guidelines that instruct homeowners to stay within certain color schemes so that there is a certain continuity throughout the neighborhood. These are all very important considerations to be made before beginning an exterior painting project.