Simple Freedom 600 Club

Play More Save More Travel More LIVE More.

Let's create your residual income together!

Here's why we build this together...

We like to work as a team to build our teammates a solid residual income. You leverage our expertise.

Struggling to generate sales by yourself is unacceptable! Teamwork builds you residual income in a smarter way.

We help you generate your 3 front line sales. Bring 3 and yours is Free. The $99 price point is easy.

We use teamwork to help your 3 get their 3 and that creates a $600 residual income for you.

Now you have funds to "stay in the game" and advertise or upgrade in your main business. This is powerful (leaders, this is "Retention Insurance" for your team... why just watch them join other programs?

First come, first served. Decide to get started now so we can "team build" under you and help you make money.

Simple Freedom Team BONUS: Get 3, and we'll hand you a check for $100 (must qualify)

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Let's Build Your Residual Income Together

WakeUpNow lets you make money by helping live life better.


WakeUpNow provides software solutions for a better life. WakeUpNow's product is a web-based program called the HUB. The HUB is a platform available to all users, and which your customers can customize by purchasing additional features in order to get exactly what they want. The HUB allows you to find and purchase great deals on everything from groceries to travel, beverages to health and beauty products, eating out to shoes.


Our brief Quick Start Guide will show you our recommended strategy to build a marketing organization and crank up your sales. Learn the B3H3G3 (Bring Three, Help Three, Get Three customers) system. This approach can be used to achieve membership in the 600 Club. 600 Club members are earning at least $600 per month! (see below)

Our Compensation Overview booklet is designed to give you an easy grasp of how to make money with WakeUpNow (for those who love to read, get the complete Compensation Plan ). You will also want to check out our Income Disclosure Statement.