smore flyer


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i wanna be a nba basketball player

1 work hard

2 be the best I can be

3 have faith an what I do

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i wanna be a gamer

1 play hard

2 be ready

3 try hard

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i wanna be famous

1be rich

2 leave the earth with a history

3 finally be know

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i wanna be youtuber

1 that how I going become famous

2 put me gaming on there

3 get know for one of the best gamer

4 an do video of everyday life

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i wanna have a healthy family

1 have a good wife

2take care of my kids

3be a happy family

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go to okalohoma state to get my degree

1 work hard to be able to go to whatever college

2 save money so I can be able to have what I need for college

3 get support from my family an friends

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finish college an buy a house

1buy a house for my family

2have my kids raise there

3leave my mom house

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own a bently

1 have because im be rich