5th Grade ELA News


A lot went on this week so most of their work in reading revolved around continuing with reader's workshop reading and jobs.

Although they weren't happy with me, they took their reading core test today, the district's reading assessment. I know the spring brings so much assessing but we really try to space it out the best we can given the "room" we have!


This week students continued work on a project we recently started - "It has been a great year" writing. They choose from a variety of lists to make about their year - unforgettable moments, friends and tips they'd give next year's fifth graders, to name a few. They're compiling this writing into a book they will be able to share at Celebration of Learning so look forward to that!

Also, they started generating 6 word memoirs. We continued our conversations about memoirs and how they often define you as a person or hinge on a turning point in your life. I shared with them the story of my son's arrival and that he was just over a pound, arrived 3 months early, and was not breathing on his own (among other things) at the time of birth and how this was a hard time for me and I wasn't sure I could do it but that I learned I was stronger than I thought, thus came my first 6 word memoir. I wrote others to share with them, too. They've now drafted several of their own and they are wonderful. I can't wait for you to see what they have come up with. I've been impressed with a) how well they know themselves and b) how deeply they've thought as they plan this writing.

Celebration of Learning

Hopefully you've already saved the date but if you haven't, next Thursday, May 26th is the Celebration of Learning at Lake Wilderness from 6-8 pm. Somewhere in there will be a 5th grade window of time where you'll be able to go into your child's 5th grade room for them to show off what they've been working on in all subject areas. (As soon as we know the time that 5th grade classrooms will be open, we'll let you know!)