Griffin Clubs 2013- 2014

The clubs offered at Griffin Middle School


Sponsored by Mrs. Nelson

Music Appreciation

Sponsored by Mrs. Cubberly-

Come share your favorite songs as we play school appropriate music that fits a theme such as titles that start with “A”, music that makes me feel better, music I study to, music from the 1960s, music my parents listen to, etc

Disc Golf

Sponsored by Mr. Lisenby and Mr. Stroessner

Poetry/Writing Club

Sponsored by Mrs. Smith - This is an opportunity to write for personal enjoyment, beyond the classroom assignment. Some direction will be given, but mostly to open up possibilities. Although encouraged, writing will be shared only by choice. In-school and outside publication options will be explored.


Sponsored by Ms. Conrad-

National Junior Honor Society is a service organization for students that have upheld the academic standards required to be inducted to the organization. This club is not open to everyone. Only those who have been officially inducted may attend.


Sponsored by Ms. Marsh and Mrs. Vincent

Winterguard - Competition

Sponsored by Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Snow- Placement on the team is made by Mrs. McClain. Most members are veteran members of the GUARD program. First year members could be placed on the COMPETITION TEAM if they have extensive gymnastic or dance training. First year members will only be placed on the COMPETITION TEAM if spots are open. The maximum number of membership is 30. The Winterguard rehearses on Wednesday during lunch/club time and Friday afternoons from 4pm to 5:30pm. The Winterguard competes through-out January to March and travels around the state to competitions. They have been in the top four in State Championships for the past five years and been a State Runner-up for three.

Acts of KIndness

Sponsored by Mrs. Covey - Acts of kindness is devoted to pay-it-forward. We will anonymously make someone smile with an act of kindness. We will be seeking a fun way to do some good and interact with others with kindness. We will be reading inspiring stories and listening to inspiring speeches. Our goal is devoted to sharing kind acts to make Griffin a better place for all.


Sponsored by Mrs. Hames and Mrs. Cooper-

The purpose for this organization shall be to promote and maintain school spirit and sportsmanship; to provide entertainment whenever necessary in cooperation with the school and civic activities; and to develop character, leadership and individual responsibilities while maintaining moral standards. Good personal conduct is not limited to the field, court and sidelines. Members will strive to project an image of high standards, morals and goals for others to follow at all times.


Sponsored by Mrs. Coggins

Outdoor club

Sponsored by Mr. Duncan & Coach Adams


Sponsored by Mrs. Adams

Brain Games Club

Sponsored by Ms. Conrad-

Enjoy a good puzzle? Love trying to solve riddles? Come to the Brain Games Club and put your mind to good use. We will play games from Professor Layton to the River Test and from Flow to Where's My Water?. Work as a team or as an individual. We will explore a wide variety of ways to challenge and push your critical thinking ability and have fun doing it :).


Sponsored by Ms. Cooper and Mrs. Hames

Teen Leadership

Sponsored by Mrs. Kirk- In this club you will develop important skills to become a strong leader. You will work in groups to build team unity and confidence in yourself.

Winterguard - Exhibition

Sponsored by Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Snow - Open to all those interested in learning about the activity of Winterguard. Maximum membership is 30. The Exhibition Winterguard rehearses Thursday during lunch/club time and will perform at all competitions the COMPETITION TEAM attends. This is the best way to become a member of the COMPETITION TEAM WINTERGUARD.

Boot Camp

Sponsored by Coach Richardson and Mrs. Ferguson

Jazz Band

Sponsored by Mr. Eakle-

Jazz band is for 7th & 8th grade current band students to learn to perform jazz style music.

Animal Science Club

Sponsored by Ms. Williamson


Sponsored by Mr. Montgomery- Discover the excitement and satisfaction of being able to debate, not just argue ineffectually, and to gain confidence with public speaking.

Circle of Friends

Sponsored by Ms. Cooper, Mr. Lisenby, and Ms. Malecki


Sponsored by Ms. Patton

Comic Books

Sponsored by Mrs. Sandilands


Sponsored by Ms. Hirsch

Go Green

Sponsored by Mrs. Cubberly-

Go Green will offer the opportunity to encourage recycling by creating posters and educating the Griffin Pride on how to Go Green. We will also investigate the plants and animals that inhabit Griffin territory and investigate how we can help them


Sponsored by Mrs. Bates, Ms. Brown and Mrs. Lampman-

In this club we will be scrapbooking, making decorative clipboards, notebooks, magnets, jewelry, and picture frames to name a few.


Sponsored by Mrs. Hoskins

Community Service

Sponsored by Ms. Sowards- The purpose of this club is to teach and foster service to others. Students will participate in service projects within the city of the colony. Service might include acts benefitting the all city residents, area organizations,Griffin middle school, etc. Students should expect some physical labor will be included. Become a part of a group of friends while experiencing the satisfaction of benefitting others.


Kids for Parks

Sponsored by Ms. Adams/ PARD

Communication Spanish

Sponsored by Ms. Chase - Learn the basics to be able to communicate in Spanish.


Sponsored by Mr. Montgomery-

We will learn the basics of Kenpo Karate and Jiu-Jiutsu techniques for self defense. Students will learn kata, grab and punch defenses; not to mention have a lot of fun studying these ancient techniques.


Sponsored by Ms. Chase -basic yoga poses to enhance relaxation, focus, and flexibility.

Poetry/ Scrapbooking

Sponsored by Ms. Sowards

Dove Challenge

Sponsored by Mrs. Malone and Mrs. Kirk


Sponsored by Mr. Waters

Scrabble/ Word Games

Sponsored by Mrs. Lampman

Cross Stitch

Sponsored by Mrs. Smith - For the beginner or the seasoned cross-stitcher. Beginners will be given basic instruction in the craft and guided in completing a small project. From that point on, and for current stitchers, the time will be spent finding new projects, sharing tips and ideas, and - of course - stitching!

Magic the Gathering Club

Sponsored by Ms. Conrad-

Fantasy card gaming at its best! Love the game but want more time to play? Interested in fantasy gaming but didn't know how to get involved? Come to room K2 and experience the world of Magic the Gathering.


Sponsored by Mrs. Capodagli

Book Club

Sponsored by Ms. Loving - The GMS Book Club offers a unique twist on a traditional experience! Similar to other book clubs, we will meet, read and discuss a variety of literature. Unlike traditional book clubs, we will also create Book Talks, Book Trailers and Book Reviews for fellow GMS patrons. Book club members will also help with the Book Fairs and any other reading events provided through the library! All grade levels are welcome!


Sponsored by Mrs. Moody

Soccer Club

Sponsored by Coach Garza

Team Building

Sponsored by Coach Garza