Hurricanes For The Cay

by Ben Hammond

Category of the Hurricanes

category 1: winds 119 to 153 km per hour

category 2: winds 154 to 177 km per hour

category 3: winds 178 to 208 km per hour

category 4: winds 209 to 251 km per hour

category 5: winds 252 or more km per hour

How does a storm become and what it needs to be a hurricane?

It starts out as a tropical disturbance. This is an area over warm ocean waters where rain and clouds building up. A tropical disturbance sometimes turns into a tropical depression. This is an area of rotating thunderstorms with winds of 62 km per hour or less. But if it reaches 63 km it is a tropical storm. Than at 119 km it becomes a hurricane. Another way is warm water from the ocean. The ocean water provides the energy needed to become a hurricane. The surface temperature has to be 79 degrees fahrenheit or higher to become a hurricane. Wind is another thing that just rips storms apart.

Hurricane pictures

Parts of the Hurricane

The eye is the middle of the hurricane where Timmothy and Phillip where. The eye wall this is that part that swirls around the eye and it is the heaviest rain and the strongest winds. The Rain, bands bands of rain go far out from the eye wall. Sometimes there are thunderstorms and tornadoes.