Sleepover Shenanigans

Plan a sleepover at your house!

After a month of begging, your parents are going to let you plan a sleepover! Here are the "rules" you need to follow and the activity menu you will use as you plan:

· You get to have up to 10 friends over to your house. Decide on who you will invite and write out your guest list.
· You can choose from the activities in the table below. If there are games you like to play at your house (that you already own or are free), you may choose those, too.
· Your budget is $150 to spend on food, movies, or other activities. You may spend less than $150, but you may not spend more.
· You can stay up as late as you want, but you MUST choose activities from the table during the time you and your friends are awake.
· When you plan the times for everything, don’t forget to add in time to eat the food you pick.
· Don’t forget to include yourself in your calculations for how much everything will cost.
· Your parents aren’t totally crazy, so they’ve told you that you can only choose up to 3 food items.
· Use your Math Journal to plan your sleepover. Your final proposal needs to be done in Keynote or another similar presentation app.
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