Professor Inz's LDSP 230

The nuts and bolts of our last 2 meetings before the Final..

Final Reading

You only have 1 reading left for the semester, and it has been posted on Scholar, under the title Bad Leadership. With no dis-respect intended toward Orville and Wilbur, we will not have a final reading on the Wright Bros. due to lack of quality time. I've always promised to give you work with purpose, and having you read more just for the sake of reading, would be wasteful of your time. Enjoy the final reading, and just make sure that you have digested it by the Final Exam on Wednesday 4/23.

Groups Present - Mon. 4/21

Class will be located in LUTER 121 (enter building through main lobby, it is the lecture hall). Remember to come early if you need to test technology. No excuses will be accepted for inability to present. I'll be there at 5:45pm. Also, we will have a guest panel attending as well, so plan accordingly (dressing to impress might not be a bad idea). Finally, for your Fact Sheet if you are in 6pm, bring 30 copies, if you are in 7:30pm, bring 23 copies.

Final Exam Review - 4/22

This review will take place on Tuesday, 4/22 @8:15pm in FORBES 2070D (right across from our regular classroom). Attendance is optional, and all are welcome to attend, but I will only be fielding specific questions. Showing up and asking for me to re-teach an entire concept will not qualify. Feel free to bring snacks, drinks, sugar, caffeine, etc.

Extra Credit - 4/22

Extra Credit will be offered directly after the review session in the form of a movie. Attendance of the entire movie, with brief post-movie discussion is required to receive credit, there is no follow-up assignment required. The title of the movie, as well as the type of extra credit will not be revealed until 9pm. The movie will last approximately 90 minutes.