Follow the Leader!

University of West Alabama

Online course development

The purpose of the Lead Teacher is to assure the quality and consistency in online courses offered by UWA. Each course in the College of Education (COE) is assigned a Lead Teacher. The Department Chair assigns Lead Teachers based on the faculty member who most often teaches a particular course. Lead Teachers are usually on-campus faculty; however, in some cases may be online faculty.

Responsibilities of Lead Teacher

1. Collaborates and seeks input on course content from all faculty who teach a course;

2. Uses COE Syllabus Template to create course syllabus:

3. Uploads syllabus and other course documents to the developmental shell:

4. Prepares the developmental shell ready for distribution to appropriate adjunct faculty two weeks prior to the beginning of a term:

5. Periodically updates the developmental shell; and

6. Maintains communication with the appropriate faculty.

Thank you!

Dr. B.J. Kimbrough, Associate Dean for the College of Education and Graduate Studies

Dr. Jan Miller, Dean, Division on Online Programs