Gilgamesh Tablets 7-8

By: Austin Souther, Alexy Palma, Preston Stanley

Tablet 7

Enkidu dreams of the council of the gods deciding to kill him. Enkidu curses the man who found him and Shomhat for seducing him. Shamash reminded him that Shomhat brought him to Uruk and Gilgemesh. Enkidu was reminded of Gilgemesh. He grew calm but was plagued in sleep as he continued to wither. After 12 days Enkidu told Gilgemesh to remember him.

Gilgemesh is the hero due to his in human strength

Enkidu is the scapegoat

The council of the gods are the antagonist because they decided to kill Enkidu

Tablet 8

Gilgamesh gave Enkidu goods covered with precious ivory, gold, and lapis lazuli and that Enkidu would mourn across every land and was ready to accompany his friend to the underworld.

For Gilgamesh the archetype for him is the hero why? well he has a journey to the underworld to fight his enemy.

For Enkidu I would say the sidekick Gilgamesh gave him precious goods that would make Enkidu travel with Gilgamesh to the underworld

The heroes journey part that would most likely describe tablet 8 would be departure because their on the way to the underworld