Jeffries Weekly Update

December 13-19, 2015

Feedback Opportunity

Thank you to those who have taken the time to complete a Friday Feedback- some have done it multiple times- love it! Feel free to complete one once a week, once a month- or as you feel the desire. I appreciate you taking the time to share celebrations, area of consideration and anything else you would like to share! It's called Friday Feedback on the Jeffries CANVAS page/Feed Forward. Go directly to CANVAS or click on the hyperlink above.

This Week's Events

Dec. 7-16- Holiday Grams Sales (to benefit Leadership Program); I challenge every to send a Holiday Gram to bus drivers, food service, individuals you don't normally get to see and your students! All benefits go to our Leadership Program! You can add a special note on the back. They all come with a soft holiday mint! Jeffries Community List

Dec. 14-18- Staff Secret Santa ($2 gift M-W; $10 gift on Thursday with Secret Santa reveal)

Sunday, Dec. 13- Jeffries PTA Skating Party Fundraiser 5-7PM

Monday, Dec. 14- Hot Cocoa Bar & Coffee (Conference Room) 7:45AM

Tuesday, Dec. 15- Kickapoo Choir Assembly 10:30AM (all school); Jeffries Faculty Mtg. 4-5PM with guest speaker- Gifted Education (for 10-15 minutes) in the library; Festive Holiday Sweater Day (faculty picture at 8:15AM for those wearing one in the gym/platform); Watch DOG: Damon Bess

Wednesday, Dec. 16- Honor Choir & 3rd grade performs for school 9:30AM; 2nd Grade Field Trip to the Nutcracker (11:05-1:00PM); Winter Holiday Parties 2:30-3:30PM; Watch DOG: Gerry Koeneman

Thursday, Dec. 17- End of 2nd Quarter; TST 7:45-8:30AM; Holiday Grams delivered (3PMish); Liz & PTA Executive Board provide lunch (soups); Watch DOG: Alan Denham

Friday, Dec. 18- No Students (Staff Work Day)

Liz's Holiday Cheer!

Gift #3: Holiday Grams! Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Gram!

Gift #4: Hot Cocoa Bar/Coffee Bar (Conference Room on Monday)

Gift #5: Liz & PTA Exec. provide Staff Appreciation Luncheon (Thursday)

Gift #6: Gift of Time to Work! (Friday, Dec. 18th will be a Professional Work Day!)

Upcoming Events

Dec. 18-Jan. 1- No School (Winter Break)

Dec. 28- Happy Birthday, Peggy Fenstermacher (kitchen)

Jan. 1- Happy Birthday, Sabrina Shockley (kitchen)

Jan. 4- Classes resume

Jan. 5- Jaguar Junction

Jan. 6- Leadership Team Mtg. 7:45-8:30AM

Jan. 7- Fire Drill; TST; PTA Executive Mtg. 6:30PM (Library)

Jan. 8- Leadership Assembly (December & 2nd Quarter Attendance, etc.); Grade Cards Go Home

Tuesday, Jan. 12- Professional Learning- We will get our staff devices (no vertical teaming)

Tuesday, Jan. 19th- CANVAS Step 2 Training with Debbie Hammer 4-5PM (We will bring our new devices to the library and she will provide training on the different elements of CANVAS)

Make Someone's Day!

Have you completed a SPS Recognition Form lately to recognize a SPS R-12 employee for a job well done? Please do that here!

When will staff get their new laptops? Timeline (tentative) revealed!

Jeffries Elementary: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 (at our scheduled faculty mtg./professional learning time from 3:50-5:00PM in the Library!). Blended Learning Dept. will hand out the devices, get everyone logged in, and do some customization. The day after our staff receives their device, they will have a tech start at Jeffries to answer questions or assist with needs.



  • HP Hybrid device

  • Device cases

  • Wireless projection module (installations on-going)

  • Tablet stands (arriving starting in December)


  • Certified staff in certified positions

  • Staff rosters will be emailed prior to deployment for verification


  • 30 minutes to deploy

  • Short presentation covering basics

  • Everyone will login, configure their email, and personalize their device

  • A technician will be available the next day on site to answer questions and help with other setups

  • Desktops are not pulled this year

What to learn about your new teacher device?

Google for Education Training

Want to begin training modules so you can work at your own speed on learning all about Google? I have invited you to a CANVAS training for Google. I would highly encourage you to begin going through the online courses.

Need Flexible Seating? Need to Redesign Your Classroom? Want $$ that Liz Doesn't Have?

Do you have an innovative idea that would make the learning experience in your classroom more engaging, relevant and personal for your students? Do you have a big dream and a whole Pinterest board full of ideas but no money to fuel that creativity? Apply now for an #ImagineGrant. Learn how.
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2016-2017 School Calendar is Out!