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NHS Parent Faculty Club

When are we going to come down? When are we going to land?

Fires, Covid, Equality, Oh my! We are certainly not in "Kansas" anymore! As we embark upon the [insert color of choice] brick road, I must admit that I found myself less optimistic and more anxious about the upcoming year. Emerald City is no longer in viewing distance and the path to our destination is no longer paved by bricks or otherwise. Obviously, we are facing substantial changes in our environment and in addition, we are also transitioning to a new era of leadership at Northgate High.

The consistent and dedicated leadership demonstrated thus far by the NG administration has served as a welcomed beacon on an, otherwise, foggy path. Kelly and Craig have done an outstanding job preparing us and the entire school for the unknown. Thank you and kudos to Principal Kelly Cooper and Vice Principal Craig Bocks!

We have much to do. We are no longer guided by the rails of our past. We have an opportunity to forge ahead as pioneers and perhaps leverage this time to purge ourselves of inane and innocuous habits. The anxiety of the unknown and the excitement of moving forward now reside in the same space. Pulling together as a community is now a requirement in place of an option of convenience. With the continual reduction of State support, it is no longer enough for us to “make the best” of the situation. It is now our call to look forward to beyond mere survival mode!

It is in this spirit that I ask you to consider making a donation to the PFC at Northgate. There is no amount too small (and none too great, just sayin’). Your donation helps to support the provision of resources to all of our students. While your financial support touches all aspects of Northgate life, three of the major line items in the PFC budget this year are for salaried positions. These positions are critical and need to be enhanced during this phase of distance learning:

Computer Technician

The PFC's contribution to the Site Technician allows for Northgate to have a full time IT personnel. This need is a lynchpin to our success during this period of distance learning.

Support Counselors

NHS is very fortunate to have two support counselors available to our kids throughout the week. PFC supports these roles by providing 80% of their salaries. Shannon Brueckner and Jon Parker are especially valuable to our children during these challenging and confusing distance learning times. For more information on how to take advantage of these services, email Shannon Brueckner at shannon@bruecknercounseling.com

Classroom Sections

The PFC has committed to cover the cost of three class sections. The specific class sections will be determined by Principal Cooper based on the best way to serve the students of NHS.

I look forward to another year of serving our community and also to a time when we can look back upon 2020 with clarity and a sense of communal accomplishment and pride!

Go Broncos!

Emeline Thomsen

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Northgate Education Fund​​

The Northgate Education Fund allows the Parent Faculty Club to equip Northgate High School to best live out its mission of “Excellence For, and From, All Students”. 100% of the money donated to the education fund goes back to the school. The money donated to the Ed Fund helps bridge the gap between public funding and the current, true cost of the full educational experience that Northgate offers.

The suggested donation for 2020/2021 is $400 per student.

Our goal is for 100% of Northgate families to donate. Donations in any amount are welcome!

Although the school year is starting with distance learning, your donations are still vital to fully support the educational experience!

Donations made me made by check, credit card or installments.

You may make a one-time donation or elect to have your donation made in 10 monthly installments. Choose how you would like to donate.


Don't forget about corporate matching!
A “matching gift” is a donation made by a corporation or foundation on behalf of an employee, that matches that employee’s contribution to a nonprofit organization. This can double your contribution!
It is an easy process, please contact your Human Resources department for information about your company’s program.
Thank you for your continued effort to support our school!

Contributions to the PFC are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Tax ID:23-7405489 Contributions may be mailed at any time to: Northgate PFC, 425 Castle Rock Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598.

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