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Renaissance of American Literature

The reform movement meant to start creating a new American literature and art culture. Artist known for recreating American landscapes while writers write about the new philosophies of the time while also creating short stories a new genre. People like Ralph Waldo Emerson who inspired Americans to write in a more independent way away from Old Europe were some of the people to influence the literary in America in 1837.

Motivations For the Reform

The American economy grew and with the help of expansion it became more and more difficult for traditions to be followed. Alexis de Tocqueville described the event of white Americans no longer using a caste system and doing their own thing as individualism.

Objectives and Strategies

This specific reform is made to change what is known as American literature. No more of the same stuff from old Europe we are our own people and so we must prove that. We must write our own stories about the problems that plague us, be it in our society, our economy.

A way to achieve these goals is to first have public speeches from writers and poets that might inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Another way that we might be able to achieve our goal of creating our own culture would be getting more works such as poems, books, short stories, and essays published. This will help spread the thoughts and ideas of many people.

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People who donate a large amount of money will receive this signed copy of Edgar Allan Poe's best works! Remember people Poe was a great American writer and poet. One of his best known works being the poem The Raven.

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