Jared Eckersley


Mother: Amy Eckersley

Father: Craig Eckersley

Sibling: Zac Eckersley

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Most amazing thing

When Jared Eckersley was 11 years old he made it into the southcoast team for AFL in Queensland.
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The Journey

Jared Eckersley started playing AFL in 2008 for Benconen Magpies, he played there for four years in Canberra. Then Jared moved to Gold Coast and he is now playing for Coomera Magpies. This is his 3rd year playing for them. Nick and Grant are his coaches but his dad taught him everything he knows. Jared has to train 2 day a week tuesday and thursday. Jared got picked to tryout for the Hinterland team (his school reagen) by his school and he made it in. So Jared had to go to a tournament and play 2 games of footy against the other reagens. Then he made the Southcoast side so he goes to Tewonba for the state championships.
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Jared Eckersley went to Lyneham primary School for prep to half way through year 2.

Then Jared went to Rosary Primary school from half way through year 2 to 3.

And now Jared is going to Jubilee Primary School he is now in year 6.

Lyneham Primary school

This is Jareds first school that he went to Lyneham Primary School

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Rosary Primary School

This is Jareds Second school that he went to, Rosary Primary School

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Jubilee Primary school

This is the school that Jared goes to now, Jubilee Primary School

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Home and Parents.

Jared currently lives in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia.

Before he lived in Upper Coomera Jared lived in Murrunbatemen, Canberra (ACT), Australia.

Jareds dad was born in Sydney, Australia.

Jareds mum was born in Canberra (ACT), Australia.

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Most interesting sory

When Jared was 6 he lived in Canberra and he rode moterbikes. Behind his neigbours backyard there was alot of acreage so his dad and his dads friend mowed a moterbike track. One Jared was riding and he lost control of the bike, he couldn't put on the brakes so he hit a barbwire fence. Luckily he didn't get raped up in the barbwire but my bike did and it took my dad and one of his friends 15 minutes to get the bike out.
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