This Is All About Jellyfish

by Alyssa and Cindy

How jellyfish service.

Jellyfish need water to survive. Jellyfish need to stung people if you come closer. Jellyfish don't have brain. It is best to let the jellyfish olwn its environment. They get this resources from under water.

how jellyfish life cycle grows

jellyfish features

The cause is that jellyfish seem nearly invisaval and that leads to people can't see the jellyfish. The cause is that jellyfish use their tentecals and that leads to they can sting.

How problems affect jellyfish

People affect jellyfish by polluting water and they will die if they don't have any fresh water. Habitats help jellyfish to protect themselves and they sting. In summer time people go to the beach and weather time people don't go to the beach maybe jellyfish like weather time because they don't sting people and because people don't pollute the water.