Assessment Communication

December 16 , 2019

" I like a teacher who gives me something to take home to think about besides homework.” – Lily Tomlin

KISD Assessment Dept.

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Upcoming Common Assessments

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TEA mandated for Dyslexia Screener for 1st grade students by January 31:

TEA is now requiring a one time dyslexia screeners for all 1st grade students by January 31st. We will accomplish this through our universal screeners.

MAP: Administer MAP Reading and MAP Fluency to 1st grade students (no change)

AIMS WEB Plus: Administer Listening Comp and Spelling, in addition to the other subtests. Campuses will receive paper copies and administration manuals to administer Listening Comp and Spelling. Data will be entered into AIMS WEB Plus.

AIMS WEB 1.0: Campuses will receive paper copies and administration manuals to administer Listening Comp and Spelling. Data will be entered into AWARE inventory. We will communicate this information with our ISTs.

We will follow up with recommendations on how to interpret data and identify students who may need further evaluation. We will communicate this information with our ISTs.

Reading Pathways Assessment for 3rd and 4th Grade:

  • For support in administering the Reading Pathways Assessment, please refer to:
    • 3rd Grade: p. xi in the Orientation to the Unit under the Assessment section
    • 4th Grade: p. xiii-xiv in An Orientation to the Unit under the Assessment section
    • Reading Pathways p. 109
    • online Heinemann resource under the specific unit being taught
    • or for further support, contact your district literacy coach directly
  • For support in scoring the Reading Pathways Assessment:
    • District literacy coach will have availability to work with teachers when we return from winter break to score student responses
    • Students can score a 1, 2, 3, or 4. Take the average of the two questions. This is the score that will be entered into AWARE.
    • A folder has been added to curriculum documents to that includes rubrics and sample responses to guide scoring

TELPAS Rater Info Due Monday Jan 13th: Please remember this is only for grades 2nd - 12th. ttps://

Online Basic Training for new raters opens on Monday, January 27th training for Middle Schools

Please share the inforamtion below with middle school teachers who are attending training after winter break

Interim Assessments:

Some of you will begin to administer Interim Assessments. We have created a few documents to help your teachers.

1- How to administer Interim Assessments

2- How to look up Interim Assessment scores in ETS

3- How to Create Reporting Rosters (Must be completed so that teachers can see data in ETS)

Please note that we will load the scores into AWARE on Thursdays. The benefit of teachers going into ETS is to see the test questions and answer choices.

Please feel free to share with teachers as needed.

State Assessment Sub Allotment

We have transferred your state assessment sub money into your sub account 611200. We have notified your campus secretary and campus accountant. Attached is the amount that has been transferred to your campus account.

Please make sure you follow up with the individual who manages your budget to confirm that they have received this information.

High School Specifics - National Assessment Resources/ Released exams posted on our site

EOC Nonscorable boxes will be picked up by the warehouse on Tuesday Dec. 17th. Please have a test booklets scanned into test hound by the end of the day Monday, Dec. 16th.

HS CTC Meeting Dec.17th starting at 10:30, in the Lonestar room here at the Ed. Center. Please see agenda and add any other topics you would like to cover during our meeting.

PSAT Results 2019 - Please complete results distribution information for your campus (See second tab on spreadsheet before you leave for break:

PSAT Cohort 2020 :

AP Deadlines Approaching/Reminders:


PSAT Results Distribution Guidance

  • PSAT Cohort - Communication w/ students and families will begin in Jan.
  • These results will be available to students and parents online starting Dec.10th (Parent resources such a Spanish CB Site link posted on our Assessment Site.
  • My college Access site has been unblocked for campus / student/ teacher use
  • Hard copies of the PSAT exam results will be distributed to students on campus starting
  • the week of January 7th .
  • Unofficial National Merit Semi/ Finalist predictions (do not share with students) - Please complete information requested by Tuesday, December 17th:

AP Potential Rosters ( Pool of Students) - Have been generated on CB website and place in your campus secure folder. Things to note about these rosters as Counselors,/Administrators review these names:

  • A pool includes all students who have the minimum exam score associated with earning an AP exam score of 3,4,or 5 using a set pool percentage.
  • The recommended pool level is 60% which is what was used to pull these rosters, if you would like them re-pulled using a different percentage please notify and we will be happy to take care of this.
  • Since our pool was set a 60%, these reports reflect students whose probability of receiving an AP exam score of 3,4, or 5 is anywhere between a 60%-100%.

Pearson ACT Accounts will be set up and you will receive an email to activate your account ebfore you leave for winter break, so please be on the look out for this email. If you do not receive one by the last day of work before the holiday, please email

SAT 2020 Cohort Reports from CB, now available in your campus secure folder.

  • National Assessments folder
  • College Board Cohort Reports for CAMPUS folder

Please see ACT Training PPT, you will have work time during our Dec to finalize.

ACT-SAT Registration Open!

ACT Manuals Uploaded to our assessment site, pls make sure you have the manuals and other resources available.

3 Year Grad Guidance/ Students needing an EOC Exam, Pls Read:

National Recognition, please update spreadsheet as your campus receives notification via USPS mail: (Many dept. use this for publications, presentations...)

1. Feb 4 - finalist names mailed

2. Feb 11- finalist names mailed

TSI Account Users have been updated for another year. CTCs please login in and see that all who need a user account have one. If there is anyone missing, please email to get this set up.