Modding and Hacking Games

What makes me an Expert?

 I can hack almost any game and modify a lot of stuff in game, a lot of people my age can’t do this, it takes a lot of skill to be able to do this. I’ve learned how to go anywhere from hacking in ten million dollars (ingame) to go from level 1 to 50 within seconds, I can even make my own massively powerful gun.

The Dawn of the First Try

The first day I tried to do this, it was a failed attempt. So I continued on trying and trying to get it working. You have to find the files in the game and modify the coding. I tried modifying the coding multiple times, and it didn’t work on modding some stuff. Eventually I got it working

The Present Day

This very day I try to do a lot more, but I still have my errors. I am trying really hard to get better, I really have no time, I deal with a lot of stuff. I hope I get better one day. Although I can barely do a lot more today, I bet I can do better.