Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

February 2022

2021-2022 Quarter Two Outstanding Students

Students are selected by their instructors as outstanding students for the quarter based on their stellar academic performance and a strong commitment to our center-wide Habits of Work (empathy, respect, safety, collaboration, resilience, work ethic, and responsibility). Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students for quarter two of the 2021-2022 school year.

ART Performance - Abby Goodyear (VUHS)

Automotive Technology 101 - Andrew Kachmar (VUHS)

Automotive Technology 103 - Trent Richardson (VUHS)

Civil Engineering & Architecture - Kosmo Ruiz-Warnock (MAUHS)

Computer Science Principles - Layne Chant (MUHS)

Construction Technology 1 - Eli Brace (VUHS)

Construction Technology 2 - Sam Warren (MUHS)

Design & Illustration - Milo Piovano-Marcotte (Home Study)

Diesel Power Technology 1 - Kasey Cavoretto (MAUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 2 - Tristan Stearns (MUHS)

Human Services Early Childhood - Kailyn LaDuke (MUHS)

Human Services Foundation - Vanessa Brown (Adult)

Industrial Design & Fabrication - Ben Munkres (MUHS)

Intro to STEM - Emiliano Dardozzi (Home Study)

Mechanical Science PM - Owen Larrow (MUHS)

Mechanical Science AM - Alexis Keith (MAUHS)

Medical Professions 1 - Isabella Robideau (MAUHS)

Medical Professions 2 - Isabelle Gilley (MAUHS)

NRM Conservation Equipment Operation - Gus Hill (MAUHS)

NRM Wildlife Management - Tim Curran (Home Study)

Plant & Animal Science A - Sarah Benz (MUHS)

Plant & Animal Science B - Emma Derringer (MAUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 1 - Creed Stilwell (MAUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 2 - Katherine Whipple (MUHS)

Visual Communications A - Beth McIntosh (MUHS)

Visual Communications B - Sienna Rubright (MUHS)

PAHCC 2022 Annual Report & Capital Improvement Project Information

Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District Annual Report

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PAHRTSD Warning/Australian Ballot Articles

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Zoom Link for Budget & Capital Project Informational Meeting

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - 7:00 PM


PAHCC Modernization and Capital Improvement Project Information Sheet

(Mailed to All Voters)

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EEI Investment Grade Audit Report for Capital Project

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PAHCC Modernization and Capital Improvement Project Videos

Student, Faculty/Staff, and Community Support for HCC (1-2 min each)

Specific Project Needs/Plans (15 min)

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Zoom Link for PAHCC Modernization and Capital Improvement Project Informational Meetings

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 - 7:00 PM

Thursday, February 17, 2022 - 7:00 PM

Application Details for 2022-2023 Career Center Programs (Priority Deadline - February 15th)

High School and Adult Students,

Consider the Hannaford Career Center to extend your learning opportunities and help you develop valuable skills for college, career, and life. Check out The Benefits of Career Technical Education (CTE), a 2.5 minute video to get you started about why this choice could be a great fit for you. Then use the links below to learn more or apply to a program. We look forward to seeing you at the Hannaford Career Center.

Program Videos

Be sure to check out our informational videos about each Career Center program on this MCTV YouTube Channel.

Program Descriptions

More details about all career center programs can be found in our course descriptions.

Visiting the Career Center

If visiting would be helpful to determine whether to apply to a program, please contact Ms. Logee, our School Counselor, at 382-1007 or blogee@pahcc.org.

Applying to the Career Center

Pre-Technical Program Application Form

Technical Program Application Form

Returning Student Technical Program Application Form

  • If second year technical program students want to attend a different program next year, please complete the “Technical Program Application Form” above.

Fillable PDF Application (download the pdf in order to complete it electronically)

  • Email the completed application to blogee@pahcc.org or print it and turn it in to your high school counselor.

Visit Our Website

For additional information, please visit www.hannafordcareercenter.org or contact Ms. Logee at 382-1007 or blogee@pahcc.org.

Your high school counselor is a great resource for your questions about the Career Center.

Design & Illustration and Visual Communications

Design & Illustration and Visual Communications students submitted designs to the Gallery Collection greeting card competition, hoping for a chance to win $10,000 in scholarship money! Voting begins February 3rd. Please visit the site to cast your vote.

- Lisa Rader, Design & Illustration and Visual Communications Instructor

Thank you Lisa for the opportunities, guidance and inspiration you provide your students!

Milo Piovano-Marcotte (Design & Illustration student) received VT Scholastic Art Awards for their artwork. They received two Gold Keys, one Silver Key, and one honorable mention! One of the golds was in the design category (the other was sculpture) for a birthday card (right below). Congratulations, Milo! Some well-deserved recognition.

Industrial Design & Fabrication and Introduction to STEM

The first set of pictures below are from the pre-technical program, Introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). The students have been learning about small engines. This project requires them to completely dismantle a small engine (keeping very close track of all the parts) and then reassemble it. The goal is a running engine at the end of the project. We're still awaiting the final results!

The second set of pictures are from the technical program, Industrial Design & Fabrication. Henry is working on an exam related to machining a part (left picture). Lolke is programming a machine that he is using to refurbish a part that is no longer available to purchase new (middle picture). Brogan and Taylor are fixing the exhaust for a four wheeler (right picture). The bottom middle picture is Jeb and Isaac in the welding lab repairing an exhaust that is now ready to reinstall.

Thank you Doug for the opportunities and knowledge you provide your students!

Plant & Animal Science

A special thanks to families who support activities by transporting their student to Deep Roots Farm on weekends and school breaks allowing for continued learning and care of our animals by students. It is so appreciated!

Update About the Goat Herd

In mid October, we paired the larger of the two does (female goats), named Jolene, with a buck (male goat) named Donkey with the intention of producing a kid (young goat) in the spring. The gestation period (pregnancy) of goats is approximately 5 months. We believe that Jolene and Donkey's pairing was successful, in which case she is due to kid around March 26, 2022. Students are learning about and observing Jolene for outward signs of pregnancy. Students in Sustainable Agriculture are assembling a birthing plan which will include installation of a web-based camera to monitor activities leading up to, during, and following the birthing process. This will enable anyone and everyone to monitor events whether in person or not.

Next, the three castrated (testicles are removed when young to prevent aggression and unwanted pregnancies) males will be processed for meat on February 17, 2022. This may bring up feelings in your student as they have played a major role in the care and raising of these animals. We've frequently discussed this fact in class and I've assured them that all feelings regarding the animals can be managed through talking with their families, school counselors, private counselors, and/or with instructor Kelley Mills.

Need Eggs?

Our hens (21) are vigorously producing eggs. They are delicious and $4 per dozen sold through our students or available for preorder at our front desk in the office at Main Campus. Again, money raised through egg production is reinvested into the farm.

Preparation Begins Soon for Spring Planting

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. We will soon learn about plants then customer service in preparation for raising flowering bedding plants and hanging baskets along with vegetable starts in the greenhouse. Students will participate in planting, watering, and other horticultural practices associated with growing products for retail sale in our greenhouse and at the Middlebury Aubuchon Hardware store beginning in the month of May. Hopefully we can open the greenhouse to the public this year. This will allow students to practice customer service and point of sale operations on our web-based Square cash register system. Proceeds resulting from plant sales are reinvested in future greenhouse production.

- Kelley Mills, Plant & Animal Science & Sustainable Agriculture Instructor

Thank you Kelley for the experiences and learning you provide your students!

Tiny House on Wheels - Construction Technology 2 Update

As deep winter has set in, our current work on the Tiny House on Wheels takes on greater significance: insulation! We are currently installing our interior vapor control layer - intello plus smart membrane - and adding our loose fill insulation within each cavity. The insulation that the client chose is a product by Havelock Wool and is fire-treated, cleaned and washed sheep's wool. This is an incredible material to handle and work with - non-toxic, moisture wicking, and mold resistant. It sticks together like velcro as we weigh out the proper amount and break apart chunks to get the correct density and volume per cubic foot. Lots of math!

Along with our interior control layers, we are almost done with our electrical wiring and just need to mount our exterior-rated breaker box. Chris Griggs of Eastview Electrical has been integral in solidifying student learning objectives and has given expert guidance throughout the process to keep us up to code and meet industry standards. We also installed LED lights in our soffit and are adding exterior outlets at each corner of the house. We have sanded and finished our exposed upper loft beams and are excited to start paneling the interior with pine tongue and groove within the next month.

- Nick Cantrick, Construction Technology Instructor

Thank you Nick (and Chris G.) for the learning and expertise you provide your students!

Teen Time at the Makery

We are continuing our Teen Makery afterschool program at the career center every Wednesday afternoon in from 3:30 to 6:30PM for students ages 16-18. Students can bring in their own projects or design one here. Equipment training and project support is provided in each lab. And there's pizza each Wednesday!

Students must be registered for a specific lab on the Makery website using the QR code on this poster, by clicking: Woodworking or Sewing or emailing droberts@pahcc.org.

This program is being sponsored by members of Addison County Youth In Transition (ACYIT) including the Hannaford Career Center (HCC), the HCC Makery, CSAC, Turning Point, Addison Central Teens, and Heidi's Therapy, PLC.

Thank you Nick Cantrick and Faith Daya for volunteering to be our lab mentors.

Have questions? Email David Roberts, Adult Education Coordinator at droberts@pahcc.org.

Career Center Vision & Mission Statements

In the fall of 2019, a team of board members, staff and community members was convened to draft new vision and mission statements, in order to ensure that the Career Center of the Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District (PAHRTSD) continues to meet the needs of students now and in the future. The new vision and mission reflect the voices of students, staff and community members. We are pleased to be able to share the final outcome with our communities.

Vision Statement

We envision a career and technical center that empowers students to be inquisitive, caring and open-minded citizens of local, national and global communities, who engage as lifelong learners and understand and accept different viewpoints and perspectives.

Mission Statement

We provide students with rigorous, hands-on and classroom instruction, robust community partnerships, and project-based learning opportunities that empower and inspire them to build strong work habits, relevant, innovative technical skills, and a sense of personal responsibility as local, national and global citizens while ensuring equity for all participants.

To learn more about the process, please check out our Vision & Mission Development Summary.