Characteristics of good information

Good information

Valid - The information shouldn't be one-sided and to one opinion, the information needs to be unbiased and verified by someone.

Reliable - It needs to be fit in well with the other facts that are already known about the set subject. Be from a source that can be trusted and may not be wrong or giving incorrect information.

Timely - The information needs to be there to be used at the time it is needed, when the decisions are needed to be made the information needs to be there at the exact time it is needed.

Fit for purpose - The information needs to have been provided for the purpose of which it is being used for.

Accessible - Calculations must be able to be done with the information. If a lot of information is included then you would not want to have to type it all in over and over again.

Cost effective - The amount that is spent on capturing and creating the information needs to cost less than the actually value of decisions that are made within and on the data. Cost to business of government laws to get data is mostly greater than the good points gained from the laws.

Accurate - The information has to accurate, but no need for it to be fully complete it doesn't have to be fully done. Cost etc, don't need to be fully correct there can be some sort of flexibility.

Relevant - No need to actually getting the information if it isn't actually fit to what decisions are needed to be made. The information need to be fit to the decisions that are being made.