Southern Colonies

By :Alana Burke


Be sure to come to the Southern Colonies. We are right next to the Atlantic Ocean so if you are coming from a different country you can simply take a ship across the Atlantic Ocean. When you arrive you'll be here, at the Southern Colonies. One thing that people do there is practice their own religion. Some main jobs they do is fish and they farm. They often trade raw materials, natural resources, and cash crops such as tobacco, cotton, sugar, and rice. This colony did have both slaves and indentured servants. They had them because they had big fields and had to grow major cash crops such as rice, indigo, and sugar.


As you may already know, the Southern Colonies next store neighbors with the Atlantic Ocean. That is not all we also have several swamps and lowlands. If you were wondering, Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina are the 5 colonies. Not to mention the climate is hot all year around, the hottest out of all the other colonies. It's so hot that you can grow your crops ALL year around!
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This is a picture of a swamp with land surrounding it, but not all swamps have land around it.


Two brothers named Ceilius and Leonard Calvert established Maryland in 1630. It was for a group called the Roman Catholic in England. There is religious freedom in Maryland simply for religous people. However, in North Carolina they have bad communication with services so they are unable to have churches. Basically I totally reccomend Maryland if you want religous freedom.


There was only about 40,000 people living here around 1670. If you wanted to know when your future colony was founded then keep on reading. The London company found Virgina around 1584. Maryland was founded in 1634 by Baron Lord Baltimore. In 1732, James Edward Oglethorpe founded Georgia. The Virginans founded North Carolina in 1653. South Carolina was founded in 1663 by Eight Noble Charter from Charles the second. Some men started Virgina because they want to become rich, quickly. Maryland was started for Cathliocs. Georgia was started because James Oglethorpe got permission for a charter to settle in Georgia along with 19 partners, the colony was named after the king. All in all the Southern Colonies is your number one choice for coming from a different colony, your warmest option, and good fishing and farming industry.