What Anthony Leanna Did For the Community

Anthony Leanna got over 150,000 hats for the entire world. People also pay money to the Heavenly Hats donation! He gives hats all around the entire world!!


Anthony Leanna Sworn Into United States Coast Guard 10-23-20

Impact on the Community

It makes other people fell like other people with out cancer do feel.It makes people not cold because with out hats if you have cancer you'll get really cold.Also it makes them feel better any way.


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Background Information

Anthony Leanna was born 1991 he started donating when he was 10 years old.Now he is 22 years old he still gets money to help people that have cancer.He is still alive donating money every minute.


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All About Me

I have blue eyes,blonde hair,and i have 7 people in my family i also have a lot of pets!

My moms name is Michelle,my dads name is Gerald ,i have 3 brothers Jacob,Jesse,Sam,and my sisters name is Alyssa.

Anthony Leanna Was A Coast Guard

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