"The Interlopers" -Saki Irony

verbal, situational, dramatic irony

The 3 irony's

Situational- "...as boys they had thirsted for one another's blood" "The Interlopers" -Saki (Paragraph 2) You would've never thought that the boys were thirsty for blood.

Verbal- ""No,' said Ulrich with a laugh, the idiotic chattering laugh of a man unstrung with hideous fear." "The Interlopers" -Saki (chapter 6) Idiotic was used in the sentence, like an idiotic answer to Georg

Dramatic-"... lay Georg Znaeym, alive and struggling, but obviously as helplessly pinioned down as himself" "The Interlopers" -Saki (chapter 2) Ulrich doesn't know about Georg yet, we know something Ulrich doesn't know!