On The Edge

Taylor Flock

Warning Signs

5 Verbal Signs:
  • "I wish I was dead."
  • I'm going to kill myself."
  • "Nobody needs me."
  • My family would be better off without me."
  • "I just can't go on any longer."

5 Non-verbal Signs:

  • Aggressive behavior, risk taking
  • Lack of caring about appearance and personal hygiene
  • Drop in grades, or a rise in grades from a poor student
  • Moodiness, feelings of worthlessness
  • Running away or truancy
  • Eating disorder


Places to go for Help:

There are many treatment centers where people can go to get the help they need.

  • Aurora Behavioral Health System
  • Depression Treatment at Oasis
  • A Better Today Recovery Services
  • Renaissance Recovery Center
  • Oasis Behavioral Health

There are also hotlines people can call for help.

  • La Crosse's Suicidal Hotline is: 1-800-362-8255

Suicide Is Preventable!

How is Suicide Preventable?
  • If you see someone that is showing the warning signs, make sure you show them that you care and you want to help them.
  • Help them get professional help as soon as possible.
  • You can set up a time and place to meet with the person to talk about how they are feeling.
  • Directly talk to the person about the problem.
  • Listen to them and reassure them that there is help, and they won't have to feel like this forever.